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Wein-Plus is continuing its proven cooperation with Interseroh Dienstleistungs GmbH in 2012. Already since spring 2009, the environmental service provider has enabled the professional members of the wine network to dispose of their import and sales packaging conveniently and at low cost.

Background: The Packaging Ordinance also requires wine producers and wine merchants in Germany to have their packaging taken back and recycled via a waste separation system. This requires them to join a so-called dual system. This is not a voluntary participation, but a legal requirement that affects every producer, importer and mail order company. Wein-Plus dealt with this issue at an early stage and gained a framework agreement partner in Interseroh, who is well-known in the wine industry and brings the necessary know-how for this often small-scale industry.

The constant exchange of experience between Interseroh, Wein-Plus and the individual customers (contract partners) has been incorporated into the framework agreement for 2012. The cornerstones of the new agreement are:

  1. New price structure 2012
  2. "Association umbrella
  3. CO2 certificate
  4. Social sponsoring project

New price structure

As of 1 January 2012, new prices apply for Interseroh services. Costs could be reduced in all packaging material fractions. The new prices are as follows:

Fraction (material) Contract tonnage Prices 2012 (in €/t)
Glass up to 50 t 49,50
Glass from 50 t 48,40
Paper 108,00
Tinplate 598,00
Aluminium 639,00
Beverage carton composites 661,00
Other composites 691,00
Plastics 753,00
Natural material 77,00

In addition to the main material glass, a significant saving is thus realised especially in the fraction paper, which is important for the consignors.

"Association umbrella

The contractual framework for the dual systems entails relatively strict rules. For example, individual customers may incur additional costs if the actual amount of material produced deviates by a certain percentage from the contractual tonnage agreed at the beginning of the year in question. In order to protect customers as far as possible from such additional charges, the individual contract with Interseroh provides that adjustments to the contract tonnages can be made up to 31 August of a year.

In the wine industry in particular, however, the quarter with the highest sales each year is the fourth, when the Christmas business takes place. Customers therefore have to anticipate the course of their last quarter to some extent, without being able to calculate clearly. To minimise this potential source of additional contractual charges and the associated hassle, Interseroh and Wein-Plus have created a construct that is as simple as it is effective with the "association umbrella".

The principle is simple: at the end of a contract year, Interseroh compares all reported tonnages of the companies participating in the framework agreement with the tonnages previously contractually agreed. If the comparison of the actual tonnages with the agreed contract tonnages per material fraction results in a deviation of less than ten percent (plus or minus), no additional costs are due - even if in individual cases a company has missed its promised tonnages by more than the ten percent up or down. Only if the total of all tonnages deviates by more than ten percent can Interseroh charge the affected customers for the additional costs.

With this construct, the community of affiliated companies significantly reduces their individual contractual risk. The Verbund principle bears the weaknesses of the individual and compensates for them - which means once again: Community makes strong!

CO2 certificate

As of the 2012 contract year, each affiliated company will receive a certificate for the carbon dioxide savings it achieves through its participation in Interseroh's dual system. In this way practical environmental protection is made visible and illustrated in figures. With these figures, the participating companies can effectively and clearly communicate their environmental commitment to the outside world.

Social sponsoring project "IPC collection box

Protecting resources and doing a good deed at the same time - that is the basic idea behind the "IPC collection box" project: Empty ink and toner cartridges from printers and copiers are collected in a box and then taken back by Interseroh. The proceeds from the empty cartridges thus recovered for the product cycle flow into a social project. Together with the network of specialised dealers and wine producers, Wein-Plus and Interseroh want to get involved in a charitable way. Details will be agreed in spring 2012.

Strong community brings even more advantages

With the additional agreements within the framework contract, the cooperation between Wein-Plus and Interseroh enters a new phase. The association umbrella and theCO2 certificate in particular offer the professional members of Wein-Plus real added value from which they could not benefit as "lone wolves". And with joint commitment, the wine network in the future can also prove that it is not only about selling.

Interseroh and Wein-Plus are looking forward to continuing and deepening their very good partnership and cooperation. The direct contact person for all questions regarding the framework agreement and Interseroh's environmental services is Mr. Thomas Hoffmann (photo) - who can be reached by telephone at +49 2203 9147-1271 or by e-mail at thomas.hoffmann@interseroh.com.

More information on the Interseroh framework agreement and registration

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