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Today is the big day we have been working towards for a year. In fact, it is the consistent result of years of work to make the company and the website more and more wein.plus more and more to its members.

In terms of content, in terms of what is offered and also in terms of funding. wein.plus is now almost exclusively paid for by its members. This is probably the best assurance that we also think and act only and exclusively in the interests of our members. Financial and editorial independence are thus firmly anchored in our business model.

wein.plus is now a digital platform where private and professional members or wine enthusiasts can inform and connect. We have brought this to the forefront today with the following changes:

1. Only members count

Anyone who would like to wein.plus is invited to become a member. There are three different options for doing so:

  • Free members with free access to Europe's largest wine platform.

  • Private Premium members with access to all content with over 130,000 wine reviews, the world's largest Wine lexicon and exclusive discounts.
    Membership fee: €29.50 per year.

  • Business Premium members with access to all content, top presence of the offer and exclusive, extra favourable framework agreements.
    Membership fee: 190,- € per year.

wein.plus has 223,032 members today and between 10 and 20 new members join every day.

2. We are there for our members

Already a few weeks ago, we have noticeably improved our member support with the help of a support solution. We are now reliably available to our members by email, support button on the website, Facebook message or voice message and guarantee a short response time; at the latest the next working day.

3. Content, content, content

The platform wein.plus consists of many hundreds of thousands of pages of high-quality, professional wine knowledge. This is now much easier and quicker to access. We have divided the content into 11 categories and made them directly accessible from the menu with one click.

We have also moved away from generic names such as "Shopping" or "Wine FAQ" in the designation and menu and now call the content directly by its name. So, for example, "Shopping Sources" and "Beginner's Knowledge". Producers, wine reviews and regions are now also directly accessible from the menu. The "Glossary" has now become Lexicon.

4. All advantages for members at a glance

Members have many advantages. Until now, these were communicated over many pages. Now all offers for members are clearly summarised on one page in the "Advantage World for Members". Simply click on the 2nd button from the left in the header.

5. Intelligent search functions

With so much wine knowledge, the search functions are particularly important. We have improved them considerably. Why don't you try the search function in the wine reviews?.

6. We make a point

The wine romanticism of the grapes in the previous logo has had its day. The new logo symbolises the clarity, openness and reliability with which we communicate. Instead of a hyphen, we now make a dot. Dot!

7. wein.plus - your plus in wine expertise

From now on, this is our guiding principle, the motto, the new claim.

The plus stands for our competence, our quality standards in everything we do for our members. Ultimately, it stands for the added value we offer our members. When we do something, we do it professionally and with total commitment.

8. New domain - faster, easier, shorter

For the website, too, we now simply use wein.plus

It's shorter, easier to type and more memorable.

https://Wein-Plus.eu becomes https://wein.plus

All links and bookmarks to the old domain will of course continue to work.

9. All for all - no one dominates!

We are paid by all our members and in return we give all members a concrete benefit and added value. That is the essence of a digital platform. The more members use the platform, the higher the concrete benefit for each individual. Individual interests, even if there is a lot of power and money behind them, do not play a role.

What sounds so theoretical here has great significance in practice and determines what we do or don't do every day.

10. Quo vadis tasting package

Almost 600 members regularly receive the tasting package from wein.plus. Any wine merchant would be pleased to receive so much. However, we are not a merchant and we are thus violating our principle of financing only through membership fees as described above. Frankly, we do not yet know how and if the tasting package will continue. We will keep participants informed.

11. Producer classification simplified

The classification of producers based on the wines tasted is an important orientation feature in the wine purchasing of our private and professional members. This has become simpler and clearer again with our return to grading from one to five stars.

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