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Declining wine consumption in France threatens up to 150,000 jobs over the next ten years. Two national professional associations warn of this. According to Samuel Montgermont, president of the Vin et Société association, wine consumption in France has declined by 70 per cent in 60 years. "Most wine drinkers are over 50 years old and only a few under 40. We have lost the battle to pass on the wine tradition," Montgermont explains. He says the wine industry has lost touch with consumers and needs to act urgently to slow this negative trend.

"Our industry is in danger. We are ringing the alarm bells," also warns Bernard Farges, president of the CNIV (Comité national des vins interprofessions des vins à appellation d'origine et à indication géographique). The loss of 150,000 of the 500,000 jobs in the wine industry threatens the economic collapse of entire regions.

The associations see the reasons for the decline in consumption in the stigmatisation of wine in campaigns for alcohol prevention and road safety as well as in social changes that result in significantly fewer communal meals and more and more single households. In addition, wine is increasingly communicated as an elitist luxury product in France.

(ru / Source: Vitisphere; Photo: 123rf.com)

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