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The European Union has included wine products with reduced alcohol content in the regulation of wine. According to the new EU Regulation 2021/2117 of 2 December 2021, wine, sparkling wine and semi-sparkling wine with added carbon dioxide may now be labelled "dealcoholised" or "partially dealcoholised".

Full dealcoholisation is limited to products that are not classified with a designation of origin or geographical indication. Partial dealcoholisation, on the other hand, is permitted for all wines, sparkling wines and semi-sparkling wines with added carbon dioxide. The difference between "dealcoholised" and "partially dealcoholised" is the limit of 0.5 percent by volume adopted in 2012 by the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV). Only products containing 0.5 per cent or less alcohol may be described as "dealcoholised".

According to the OIV's recommendations, the permitted methods for partially or almost completely reducing the ethanol content are partial vacuum evaporation and membrane techniques or distillation. The member states of the OIV are currently working on a framework definition that will determine the specific oenological practices for these products.

(ru / Source: OIV; Photo: 123rf.com)