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A total of 479 wines were entered for this year's International Pinot Gris Award in Achkarren, Baden. Of these, 421 wines came from the German wine-growing regions of Ahr, Franconia, Hessische Bergstrasse, Nahe, Palatinate, Rhinehesse, Saale-Unstrut, Württemberg and Baden. From there alone 280 wines came. There were 58 wines from Italy, Switzerland and France.

30 percent of all wines from the qualification tasting were admitted to the final tasting. Both tastings were attended by an expert jury consisting of renowned wine experts, sommeliers, cellar masters and journalists. The jury judged the wines in a blind tasting according to colour, smell and taste. The evaluation was based on the 100-point system. The best wine scored 96.3 points in the tasting.

The wines had been divided into four categories:

Category 1 with 154 entries included Pinot Gris with a fruity, dry style under 13.00 percent alcohol without wood barrel ageing or barrique ageing.

1. 1st place: Ralf Hundemer Winery, Pfalz
2016 Pinot Gris, Kabinett
91.0 points

2. 1st place: Winery Tobias Köninger, Baden
2016 Pinot Gris, Kabinett
90.6 points

3. 1st place: Frank Schmidt Winery, Eichstetten, Baden
2016 Pinot Gris, Kabinett
90.2 points

The category 2 with 177 entries was assigned to Pinot Gris that were vinified dry with over 13.00 percent alcohol without noticeable wood influence.

1. 1st place: Huck-Wagner Winery, Efringen-Kirchen, Baden
2016 Efringer Ölberg, Pinot Gris, Kabinett
92.8 points

2. 1st place: Kaiserstühler Winzerverein Oberrotweil eG, Baden,
2016er Oberrotweiler Käsleberg, Pinot Gris, Kabinett
89.6 points

3. 1st place: Alde Gott Winzer Schwarzwald eG, Sasbachwalden, Baden
2016 Pinot Gris QbA
89.4 points

Category 3 with 117 entries included dry Pinot Gris in premium quality as well as selections with up to four grams of residual sugar. Wood barrel or barrique maturation were also permitted.

1.1st place: Alde Gott Winzer eG, Sasbachwalden, Baden
2015 Pinot Gris QbA
92.3 pts.

2. 1st place: Köbelin Winery, Eichstetten, Baden
2015er Kaltenbrunnen, Pinot Gris, Late Harvest
91,3 Pkt.

3. 1st place: Burkheimer Winzer eG, Burkheim, Baden
2015er, Burkheimer Feuerberg, Pinot Gris
90.7 pts.

Category 4 included the noble sweet Ruländer and dessert wines with 31 entries.

1. 1st place: Kaiserstühler Winzerverein Oberrotweil, Baden
2015er Oberrotweiler Käsleberg, Ruländer Trockenbeerenauslese
96.3 points

2. 1st place: Kaiserstühler Winzerverein Oberrotweil, Baden
2015er Oberrotweiler Käsleberg, Ruländer, Beerenauslese
91.5 points

3. 1st place: Winzergenossenschaft Oberbergen, Baden
2011er Oberbergener Baßgeige, Ruländer, Beerenauslese
91.2 points

(uka / Photo: NGK - P.Littner)


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