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Wine sold! #66 About the episode

In today's episode you will find recordings of the Summit "Online.Wine Marketing 2022: Trends & Tips for Winemakers:inside".

(00:03:15) Franziska Hübsch, Wine Fancy
(00:26:10) Maggie Schauner, The Print and Graphic Workshop
(00:43:10) Tobias Scholl, Weinbau-online GmbH & Co KG
(01:04:50) Diego Weber, Wine Sells! Trade Podcast
(01:29:25) Juliane Bettinga, SEOSOON and Wine-Travelling
(01:50:40) Nils Wadt and Florian Kazimirski, Vino Digital

About the Podcast

WEIN verkauft! serves the good of the winegrowing community. With the podcast, Diego Weber offers practical expertise for forward-looking wineries, young winemakers and career changers to listen to in the vineyard, in the cellar or when delivering. All episodes will be available to listen to on Fridays with a two-week head start for wein.plus members and will be announced in our top news by email.

WEIN verkauft! from the winemaker's point of view

About Diego Weber

Diego Weber has been running his podcast since July 2021. He also offers Swapwine , a scalable newsletter network for direct marketing wineries, and is a management consultant specialising in strategic positioning in the wine industry.

Contact him:

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DiegoWeber diego@weinverkauft.com Instagram

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