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Winemakers help. Winemakers are being helped. The willingness to help that is unfolding in the wine scene as the Covid 19 crisis unfolds is huge. Closed hotels, restaurants, wine shops and vinotheques, cancelled tastings, events and fairs: It has become eerily quiet in the otherwise communicative industry. But it only took a few days for wine professionals, winemakers, wine fans and connoisseurs to come together in a new way on social media. Digital projects arose spontaneously with enthusiasm for a good goal or just to exchange ideas.

Within a few days, for example, winemakers launched generous aid projects for those hardest hit by the pandemic, with unexpected resonance and reach. When they offer their good bottles for an important aid project on Facebook and elsewhere, the quotas are usually sold out within just one or two days. In the past few days, web shops have also gone online to support winegrowers and wine merchants, whose sales are still mostly tending towards zero at the moment. Many of them also need uncomplicated support. In addition, there are live tasting formats to make the exchange between vintners, restaurateurs and wine fans possible. Helping concretely and drinking good wine at the same time - that is the formula wine fans are currently using to demonstrate their solidarity and empathy. We have summarised the most exciting and important projects. The list will be expanded continuously.

Helping each other

Logo Weinanderhelfen

The wine magazine FINE and the webshop www.wein-selection.de have recently started offering the wines of currently twelve well-known and lesser-known German wineries, some of which do not yet run an online shop, with the initiative #WEINanderhelfen.

Among them are St. Antony, Gysler, Neef-Emmich, Groebe and Bäder (Rheinhessen) as well as Kaufmann, Wegeler and Prinz (Rheingau) and a few others. According to FINE editor Ralf Frenzel, the wines were bought from the winegrowers "at fair conditions", which provides them with much-needed turnover.

The advantage for the customers: They buy six bottles but only pay for five. The magazine FINE has published a special issue with portraits of the wineries and wines.

Euvinopro - helping together

The shop provider Euvinopro, which specialises in wineries and traders, offers wineries and traders a completely free web shop until 30.9.2020 so that they can supply customers directly.

The shop can be integrated into all CMS systems such as WordPress, Joomla or Typo3 and is adapted for display on PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones. The provider emphasises that there are no hidden fees or subscription traps in the promotion.

The main thing is wine - wine package

The founder and administrator of the Facebook group "Hauptsache Wein", Dirk Würtz, wants to use the "Hauptsache Wein - Weinpaket" to support the initiative "Kochen für Helden" (Cooking for Heroes), which started in Berlin and is now active nationwide. In this initiative, chefs and restaurateurs produce and give away good food every day to doctors and nurses in hospitals, employees in pharmacies and supermarkets as well as other Corona heroes of everyday life. Würtz wants to support the "Hauptsache Wein" group members and restaurant operators Liz and Marco Grenningloh from Gönnheim (Palatinate) in their work with the Initaitive with the wine package for 58 euros including shipping costs, which initially contained six bottles each from Weil, Knyphausen, Schuhmann-Nägler, Wirsching and Steinmetz. With the complete proceeds from the sale of the wines donated by the vintners, they buy food for the daily meals. Würtz himself donated 120 bottles of 2018 Orbel GG from his St. Antony winery and provided his online logistics for shipping. Within a few hours of the Facebook post, around 20 other vintners agreed to donate wine for the purpose. The first 120 packages were sold out within two hours, and newly assembled wine packages can be ordered from St. Antony's webshop.

My Corona Hero

With the campaign www.mein-corona-held.de, the VDP winery von Hövel an der Saar has put together a wine package to give as a gift, for example to nurses or parcel delivery men. The "thank you" package with three von Hövel wines can be sent to another person free of charge for 49.99 euros, including a personalised greeting card. With every order, a donation of five euros also goes to an ongoing campaign by Edeka Südwest to support the "Tafel" food bank.

Dieter Weinbar (by zoom)

Dirk Würtz has opened the digital wine bar "dieter" with his second Facebook project. For this, he puts together a wine package whose producers participate in the wine evening via zoom and chat with the guests. Stefan Pfirmann, Maximin Schubert and Mark Barth were present at the first bar evening with more than 100 guests. The current package can be ordered on the St. Antony homepage and drunk together with the winemakers and the other participants on the specified Tuesday evening. Würtz announces the current dates and wines on the Facebook page.


With the live tasting platform cheerswith.me, an offer was launched a few days ago that wants to make it possible for vintners and wine lovers to experience tastings and joint samples digitally in a very uncomplicated way. All that is needed is a Chrome browser and a camera with microphone.

The platform, developed by Oliver Semik from the design agency Yummy Stories, Fabian Pellegrini as well as Joshua Keck and Jonas Marckert from the Karlsruhe digital agency Dorfjungs, has convinced a long list of supporters within a very short time. Among them are the VDP, Pfalzwein e.V. and many renowned wineries. Public video tastings with vintners are scheduled until the end of April. But private individuals can also use the platform for video tastings among friends.

Wine Samples

For tasting and sampling wines in small groups, one bottle is too many at a time. The leftovers are poured away or reduced to sauce. What a pity. Especially for digital video tastings, smaller quantities sent to the participants in advance would be much more effective and cheaper for them. The Wine Plus subsidiary Wein Plus Solutions has developed an innovative solution for "distance tastings " with "Wine Samples". It is aimed at agencies, regional wine advertising organisations, wholesalers and vintners. The wines are decanted from 0.75-litre bottles into 0.05-litre bottles using professional vacuum technology. There should be no loss of quality in the process. Each sample set can be individually filled: Wine Plus Solutions currently offers 6-, 12-, 24- and 36-bottle sample packs, which can be equipped with different wines and individual labels in each case. Wine Plus Solutions also offers matching webinars. Winemakers and retailers can meet customers digitally via the platform, show them the sample bottles live with videos and presentations and taste the wines together.

DWS Home Advantage

The German Wine and Sommelier School Koblenz (DWS) is now offering digital wine tastings with lecturers and experts under the title "Home Advantage". The aim is to combine further wine education with enjoyment. Each of the currently planned twelve wine tastings includes three ninety-minute video sessions in which the wines are tasted together under the guidance of a professional. In addition, DWS also offers online tastings with spirits, sake and sparkling wine. Participants will receive the packages in time for the tasting. In order to participate, the web conference software Adobe Connect is required on one's own computer.


Six Franconian winegrowers from the district of Kitzingen, including some stars of the scene, put together the "Keuper.hilft" wine package a few days ago, the entire proceeds of which went to the Tafel e.V.. The 83 packages of six bottles each for 49 euros were sold out in no time; the first campaign has ended. Silvaner and Weißburgunder wines were donated by Roth, Weltner, Wirsching, Patrizierhof, Brügel, Ruck and Patrizierhof. "The work of the many charitable organisations is harder than ever at the moment - and at the same time more important than ever. The Tafel e.V. and its volunteer members provide food to disadvantaged people in need and thus contribute to the basic needs of these fellow citizens," the initiators wrote on Facebook. After the tremendous willingness to help - the wine packages were sold out in a few hours - the initiators are currently considering packing the second package. Contact and information: keuper.hilft@gmail.com

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