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Going for a walk, doing sports, a bit of cycling and finally shopping again: There are no more good reasons to go out at the moment. So let's stay at home, open a good bottle of wine and switch on the laptop or the TV. What else is Netflix for? In keeping with the calm in the country, we have put together the best films currently available that are about wine - from a casual comedy with depth to a quirky road movie to a thematically related comedy series about two craft beer brewmasters. In addition, there are two exciting documentaries that do not show beautiful landscapes and radiant vintners, but reveal the hidden sides of wine enjoyment.

Wine Country

Feature film (2019)
103 min

Abby wants to celebrate her 50th birthday with her long-time friends Naomi, Tammy, Val, Rebecca and Catherine in Napa Valley. When they arrive, they are hell-bent on having a good time. But each of them is dragging around inner conflicts that they don't want to tell anyone about. So it takes a few bottles of rosé and chardonnay before they start talking. But this leads to fierce tensions between the estate tour and the wine tasting. Are they still friends with each other? The actresses from the environment of the famous comedy show "Saturday Night Live" bring doubts, conflicts, feelings and fun with wine with a lot of drive to the screen.

Saint Amour - Three Good Vintages

Road movie (2016)
102 min

Widowed Jean (Gérard Depardieu) and his son Bruno (Benoît Poelvoorde) have barely exchanged a word for years. By chance, they run into each other at the agricultural fair in Paris. This is the beginning of a wine tour through the South of France, with which Jean wants to bring his likewise lonely son and himself to other thoughts. In the taxi of young Mike (Vincent Lacoste), the two set off for the idyllic wine village of Saint Amour. On the way, they meet likeable and quirky women with whom they sometimes end up in bed. The witty and humorous road movie with Gérard Depardieu and Benoît Poelvoorde takes the audience on a journey through the French wine regions and lets them watch the two argue, fall in love and above all drink wine.

Brews Brothers

Comedy series, season 1 (2020)
8 episodes a approx. 42 min.

Brothers Wilhelm (Alan Aisenberg) and Adam Rodman (Mike Castle) couldn't be more different in this craft beer comedy. They have nothing to say to each other and put obstacles in each other's way wherever they can. But both are excellently trained brewmasters. Unexpectedly, one day they have to lead their brewery out of a crisis together. In the process, a lot of chaos arises between them - whether it's the right approach to craft beer, dealing with beer fans or various personal conflicts.


Tragicomedy (2020)
104 min

Elijah (Mamoudou Athie) loves wine like nothing else in the world. He works in the barbecue restaurant that his parents made widely known in Memphis with many years of hard work. His father Louis wants to hand over the restaurant to him soon, but after some doubts Elijah decides to train as a sommelier. He makes a friend while working in a wine shop and decides to go through the hard and very expensive training to become a Master Sommelier. The dispute between father and son increases when Elijah's mother is diagnosed with cancer and she dies shortly afterwards. The wine geek and the barbecue expert slowly meet in a whole new way.

Sour Grapes

Documentary (2016)
85 min

The documentary tells the almost unbelievable story of the top wine counterfeiter Rudi Kurwanian, who cheated many American wine collectors out of millions of dollars for years with fake top Bordeaux and Burgundies from supposedly best vintages. Interviews with scene experts. Business partners and background information provide interesting insights into the thinking of wine collectors and very wealthy people for whom wine is nothing more than part of distinction - and thus became easy prey for the now convicted Kurwanian. He himself was approached for the documentary, but declined.

Tainted - the reign of terroir

Docu-series (2019) Season 2 Episode 8
53 min

"The Reign of Terroir" is an episode of the Netflix documentary series "Spoiled", in which the authors reveal the tricks as well as the political and business practices of the food industry, including their direct consequences. The film describes in an exciting way how the global wine business brings the simple winegrowers and small wineries in the south of France to their knees: for example, ruinous price wars and millions of litres of counterfeit wines. But they consistently defend themselves against this brutality of the international wine market. Some are switching to organic production and producing high-quality wines for an affluent public, others are demonstrating with violence, looting supermarkets and emptying tankers of imported cheap wine. Worth seeing!

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