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Consultant Jörg Philipp has been living in China for part of the year since 2011. He advises wineries on exports with his company Degustar and organises trips to and events in China. Philipp explains how wineries can succeed there.

wine.plus Mr Philipp, how do I make wine successful in China?

Jörg Philipp: First of all, one should be aware of two things: China does not need wine from Europe. Its own production is enormous. There is still a lot of Chinese wine in steel tanks and barrels that wants to be sold in the country. There is no global statement about which wines from Europe can be sold in China. Just as there is no "China". The inhabited part of the country covers an area that would stretch from Malaga in Spain to far beyond Moscow - with the same cultural diversity. Wines that are excellent for southern China may be unsuitable for north-eastern China. As an example for understanding: South China is more suitable for light wines. At the same time, acidity is perceived as unpleasant there. This means: Riesling is difficult. It would be suitable for northern China, where people have a certain tolerance for acidity. However, the Chinese in the north prefer red wine with strong alcohol. And by strong, I mean 14 to 16 percent, because Chinese rice wine with 53 percent is preferred in these regions. Therefore, a look at the individual, regional markets is very helpful. In the Guangdong region alone, there are about 120 million inhabitants living in one belt. This makes it a market unto itself!

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