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The stationary wine trade has been losing market share for years. Specialised online retail chains, supermarkets with attractive wine departments and aggressive discounters are making it difficult for them to survive. In addition, fewer and fewer customers are buying from the winegrower at the farm. Raffaella Usai spoke with marketing expert Diego Weber about the future of the wine trade.

In the past ten years, the buying behaviour of wine lovers has changed radically. The Nielsen statistics from 2020 published by the German Wine Institute (DWI) show: German consumers buy two thirds of their wine in discounters (39%) or in LEH (27%). In addition, online wine trade has been increasing massively since the Corona pandemic. Nine per cent of all wine purchases in 2020 were made over the internet - eight per cent from pure online retail chains, Amazon and vintners with their own shops. The big losers in the industry, on the other hand, are the local specialist retailers: Last year, only five percent of sales went over the counter at traditional wine retailers. These trends were already apparent before Corona - and have now been accelerated significantly with the pandemic. A return to old habits is therefore unlikely.