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Only 30 years ago, organic winegrowers were laughed at as grain-eating cranks, and their wines often had a dubious reputation. Today, many organic wines are among the world's best and more and more wine drinkers attach particular importance to the fact that the vineyard ecosystem is not exploited but protected. For many years, the demand for organic wines has been increasing, especially in Germany. According to current figures from the Nuremberg BioFach trade fair, organic wine production has increased by more than 70 percent since 2013 in the three largest wine-producing countries Spain, France and Italy alone. The share of organically certified vineyards in Europe as a whole has grown 3.4-fold since 2008 to 9.5 percent. A positive, even important trend, in our view.

Italy at the top

Although the Italians themselves do not drink much organic wine, Italy has the highest share of the world's organic vineyard area with 15.9 percent, and the trend is rising. Around 90 percent of Italian organic wine is exported. For many wineries, the organic label has become an important sales argument.