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Let's not be deceived by the impression, the Chianti Classico does not only consist of Castello di Ama, Felsina, Fontodi, Fonterutoli and Brolio. Most of the vineyard area, which totals about 10,000 hectares - of which about 7,000 hectares are Chianti Classico, the rest IGT - is cultivated by medium and small vintners. Many of them nobody knows, because their self-marketing is weak. So, still about one third of the Chianti Classico changes hands as bulk wine.

Selling bulk wine to bottlers used to be a good business. At the end of the 1990ies and again in 2002, the vintners received first 3.50 euro and then even almost 4.50 euro per liter for their young Chianti Classico. This was a lot of money, it was enough to cover the costs and to put something aside.