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The title of a sentimental song by Craig David and Sting triggers pleasant feelings in music lovers. For wine lovers, rather uneasiness. The prices for wines have fluctuated strongly during the past three years, and many cult wines have dropped extremely. Ahead: By the end of 2014, things should be looking up again!

Joy for investors

The prices of "normal" drinking wines have been seriously stable for many years. What are normal drinking wines? Wines that are not assigned to any particular price category, are nevertheless inexpensive, and are usually drunk in the first five years after bottling. Wines that can often provide unexpected pleasure, as the expectation of many supermarket wines under ten euros is very low. With a cult wine, however, one always expects a special experience. Cult wines are wines with a long tradition, constant top quality, low availability and - related to that - high price. They are mostly names that everyone who comes into contact with wine has already heard. No matter if it is a Sassicaia from Tuscany or a Mouton-Rothschild from Bordeaux. It's not uncommon for these cult wines to be purchased less as a beverage, but increasingly since the beginning of this millennium as an investment. In the past decade, this kind of speculation was extremely successful. In series, especially in the USA, books about "liquid assets" were published. In Europe, too, investors and oligarchs from Russia and China bought the best and most expensive cult wines in unimaginable amounts. The demand exceeded the supply by far, and the prices reached unimagined heights.