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The best producers often achieved amazingly fresh-tasting, firm, juicy and lively Barbaresco in 2017. They almost make you forget that the year as a whole was once again hotter and, for long periods, no less dry than 2015. The rains that began towards the end of August and the associated cooling did the development of the vines in the vineyards of the area noticeably good. This is the third excellent vintage in a row for the region.
Consorzio di Tutela Barolo Barbaresco Alba Langhe e Dogliani

Unfortunately, some important producers did not accept our invitation to send in their wines. In total, we were only provided with just under 70 wines, all of which we present to you here and in the accompanying PDF and in the corresponding section. The links behind the headings will take you to all the Barbaresco wines tasted in each vintage and their producers.

Vintage 2017

  • 94WP Gaja
  • 92WP Martinenga, Marchesi di Gresy
  • 92WP Albesani Santo Stefano, Castello di Neive
  • 92WP Serraboella "Sori' Paitin", Paitin
  • 91WP "Tettineive", Scarpa
  • 91WP Serragrilli, Serragrilli
  • 91WP Starderi, Serragrilli
  • 91WP Serraboella, Paitin
  • 90HP Rabajà, Giuseppe Cortese
  • 90HP Basarin Vigna Gianmaté, F.lli Giacosa
  • 90WP Pora, Walter Musso
  • 90WP Nervo, Rizzi
  • 90WP Gallina, Castello di Neive
  • 90WP "Cascina Crosa", Pasquale Pelissero
  • 90WP San Giuliano "Bricco", Pasquale Pelissero
  • 90WP Pajè, Carlo Boffa
  • 90WP Ovello, Carlo Boffa
  • 89WP Roncaglie, Poderi Colla
  • 89WP Giuseppe Cortese
  • 89WP "Magno", Sansilvestro
  • 89WP Marco Bonfante
  • 89WP Rio Sordo, Walter Musso
  • 89WP Pertinace
  • 89WP Rizzi, Rizzi
  • 89WP Bordini, Fontanabianca
  • 89WP Cantina Gemma
  • 89WP Pian Cavallo, Giuseppe Negro
  • 89WP Castello di Neive
  • 89WP Castello di Verduno
  • 89WP Ca' Grossa, La Vedetta
  • 89HP Carlo Boffa
  • 88HP Canova, Ressia
  • 88HP Manzola, Groppone
  • 88HP Valeirano, Ada Nada
  • 88WP Rombone "Elisa", Ada Nada
  • 88WP Marcarini, Pertinace
  • 88WP Nervo, Pertinace
  • 88WP "La Fenice", Pier
  • 88WP Fontanabianca
  • 88WP Gallina, Giuseppe Negro
  • 88WP Armando Piazzo
  • 88WP Gaia Principe, Cascina Rabaglio
  • 88HP Battaglio
  • 88HP "Stardé", Dezzani
  • 87WP "Gioso", Giovanni Sordo
  • 87HP Socré
  • 87WP Castellizzano, Pertinace
  • 87WP Pajoré, Rizzi
  • 87HP Montersino, Masseria
  • 86WP Gaia Principe, Roberto Sarotto

Vintage 2016

  • 91WP Pio Cesare
  • 90WP Giovanni Demarie
  • 90WP "Tulin", Giorgio Pelissero
  • 89WP "Montubert", Icardi
  • 88WP Starderi, Icardi
  • 87WP "Terre Sabaude", Produttori di Govone
  • 87WP Roncaglie, Socré
  • 87WP Ronchi

Vintage 2015

Vintage 2014

  • 91WP San Cristoforo Riserva "Campo Quadro", Punset
  • 90WP "Tùfo blu", Col dei Venti
  • 90WP Basarin Riserva, Punset

Older vintages

  • 90WP 2006 Martinenga, Marchesi di Gresy
  • 87WP 2013 Riserva "Terre Sabaude", Produttori di Govone

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