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Barolo can undoubtedly be one of the greatest wines of all. And among the most powerful. That is precisely why one should not be satisfied with mediocrity. Really weak Barolo is rare, but its high alcohol and massive tannins are only not exhausting if they are countered by the necessary fruit concentration, depth and complexity. And, ideally, finesse.

Cantine Ascheri

If everything comes together, you have a work of art in front of you that you will not find again in the wine world. If too much is missing, Barolo loses its charm, its unique selling point. Then you can safely replace it with any other heavy wine. A great Barolo makes you forget its dimensions, a simple one really forces them on you. The former is worth looking for, it is worth almost any effort.

We tasted around 320 Barolos this year, every single one of them at least twice, many even more... All producers were invited. Unfortunately, a number of top producers have not yet submitted their wines. We will stay tuned. We have listed the best wines of the tasting here. You can find links to all the wines tasted by clicking on the respective vintages. As always, we have also processed the list of best wines into a handy PDF.

Vintage 2013

  • 94WP Bricco Manzoni, Silvio Grasso
  • 93WP Marenca, Luigi Pira
  • 93WP Cerequio, Boroli
  • 93WP Cestelletto, Mauro Veglio
  • 93WP La Serra, Alberto Voerzio
  • 93WP Arborina, Giovanni Corino
  • 93WP Brunate, Francesco Rinaldi
  • 92HP Rocchettevino, Eraldo Viberti
  • 92WP Bricco Boschis, Cavallotto
  • 92WP Enrico VI, Cordero di Montezemolo
  • 92WP R .G. Carlo Revello
  • 92WP Brunella, Boroli
  • 92WP Turné, Silvio Grasso
  • 92WP Vignarionda, Luigi Pira
  • 92WP Bricco Luciani, Silvio Grasso
  • 92WP La Rosa, Fontanafredda
  • 92WP Cannubi, Francesco Rinaldi
  • 92WP Serradenari, Dosio
  • 92WP Cerequio, Michele Chiarlo
  • 92WP Domenico Clerico
  • 92WP Casa E. Di Miafiore
  • 92WP Brunate, Ceretto
  • 92WP Giachini, Giovanni Corino
  • 91HP Margheria, Luigi Pira
  • 91WP Arborina, Mauro Veglio
  • 91WP La Serra, Marcarini
  • 91WP Gattera, Flli. Revello
  • 90WP Meriame, Paolo Manzone
  • 90WP Brunate, Mario Marengo
  • 90WP La Vetta, Serradenari
  • 90WP Serralunga, Angelo Negro
  • 90WP Castellero, Fratelli Barale
  • 90WP Verretta, Revello
  • 90HP Vannubi, Damilano
  • 90WP Gattera, Cordero di Montezemolo
  • 90WP Bricco delle Viole, Mario Marengo
  • 90WP Villero, Oddero
  • 90WP Bussia, Ruggeri Corsini
  • 90WP Giachini, Revello
  • 90WP Revello
  • 90WP Badarina, Bruna Grimaldi
  • 90WP Brunate, Marcarini
  • 90WP Bussia, Bolmida
  • 90WP San Giovanni, Gianfranco Alessandria
  • 90WP Tre Ciabòt, Ballarin
  • 90WP La Morra, Giovanni Corino
  • 90WP Villero, Boroli
  • 90WP Giovanni Roccha
  • 90HP Monserra, Raineri
  • 90WP Bovio
  • 90WP Paiagallo, Casa E. Di Miafiore
  • 90WP Le Coste di Monforte, Amalia
  • 90WP Aculei, La Biòca
  • 90WP Coste & Bricco, Ascheri
  • 90WP Rocche di Castiglione, Roccheviberti
  • 90WP Ciabot Tanasio, Sobrero
  • 90WP Resa56, Brandini
  • 90WP Parafada, Massolino
  • 90WP Annunziata "Vigna Plicotti
  • 90WPV . Lazzairasco, Guido Porro
  • 90WP Gianetto, Guido Porro

Vintage 2012

  • 93WP Pajana, Domenico Clerico
  • 93WP San Rocco, L. Scavino
  • 93WP Margheria, L. Scavino
  • 92WP Ciabot Mentin, Domenico Clerico
  • 92WP La Tartufaia "Giulia Negri", Serradenari
  • 91WP Fossati, Borgogno Giacomo & Figli
  • 91WP Cannubi, Borgigno Giacomo & Figli
  • 90+WP Bricco Fiasco, L. Scavino
  • 90WP Bussia "Dardi Le Rose", Azelia
  • 90WP Eraldo Viberti
  • 90WP Bricco San Pietro "Vigna d'la Roul, Rocche dei Manzoni
  • 90WP Rizieri
  • 90WP Bussia, Deltetto
  • 90WP Bricat, Giovanni Manzone

Vintage 2011

Older vintages

Pictures: Consorzio Barolo Barbaresco Alba Langhe e Dogliani / Cantine Ascheri"

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