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This time we keep the introduction to our BEST OF Soave particularly short and refer you to the current article by Raffaella Usai here in the magazine for more in-depth information
Consorzio di Tutela Soave

Just this much: the qualities of Soave seem to be steadily increasing. It is noticeable that above all the number of lean, rather low-alcohol but nevertheless expressive wines is increasing. In the past, the best Soave wines were usually also the more powerful ones, while those with a lower alcohol content were usually also simpler. Today, such a distinction would no longer be possible. The fact that this change towards more finesse-rich and lighter wines is taking place so clearly despite climate change is a convincing indication of the dynamism of the region and the quality consciousness of its producers.

We have tasted a good 100 wines for this BEST OF in recent weeks. As always, we present the best ones here and in a handy PDF presentation. But even among the simpler Soaves there are plenty of recommendable, drinkable wines at very enjoyable prices that we would also like to recommend to you. Links to all the wines with detailed tasting notes as well as their producers can be found by clicking on the headings.

Soave Classico DOC

  • 91WP 2015 "Casette Foscarin", Monte Tondo
  • 91WP 2017 "Vigneto du Lot", Inama
  • 90WP 2018 "Monte Carbonare", Suavia
  • 90WP 2017 "Vigneti di Carbonare", Inama
  • 90WP 2015 "Colle Sant'Antonio, Prà
  • 89WP 2017 "Calvarino", Pieropan
  • 89WP 2017 "Vigneti di Foscarino" Vecchie Vigne, Inama
  • 89WP 2018 "Perinato", Giannitessari
  • 89WP 2017 "Monte Carbonare", Suavia
  • 89WP 2016 "Contrada Salvarenza", Gini
  • 89WP 2017 "Le Bine de Costiola", Tamellini
  • 88WP 2018 Collis
  • 88WP 2017 "Monte Zoppega", Nardello
  • 88WP 2018 "Monte Tenda", Giannitessari
  • 88WP 2016 "La Frosca", Gini
  • 88WP 2017 "Le Brume", Villa Mattielli
  • 87WP 2018 Pieropan
  • 87WP 2019 "Brognoligo", Beretta
  • 87WP 2018 "Il Roccolo", Le Mandolare
  • 87WP 2018 "Monte Majore", Le Albare
  • 87WP 2018 "Foscarino", CS di Monteforte D'Alpone
  • 87WP 2017 "Pressoni", Cantina del Castello
  • 87WP 2019 "Monopolio", Cantina di Gambellara
  • 87WP 2018 "Campo Vulcano", I Campi
  • 87WP 2018 "Tenda" Corte Mainente
  • 87WP 2018 "Cimalta", Corte Adami
  • 87WP 2019 Suavia
  • 87WP 2018 "Monte Grande", Prà
  • 87WP 2018 "Campolungo", Villa Mattielli

Soave Classico Superiore DOCG

  • 90WP 2016 "Monte Stella", Le Mandolare
  • 88WP 2017 "Castellaro", CS di Monteforte D'Alpone (L9102)
  • 88WP 2018 "Monte di Fice", I Stefanini
  • 88WP 2017 "Ronchetto", Portinari
  • 87WP 2017 "Castellaro", CS di Monteforte D'Alpone (L0016)

Soave DOC

  • 90WP 2016 "Colli Scaligeri", Sandro De Bruno
  • 89WP 2018 "Netrroir", Corte Mainente
  • 89WP 2016 "Decennale", Corte Adami
  • 89WP 2018 "Monte Ceriani", Tenuta Sant'Antonio
  • 89WP 2016 "Albare", Portinari
  • 88WP 2017 "Recorbian", Franchetto
  • 88WP 2017 "Broia", Roccolo Grassi
  • 88WP 2017 "Vecchie Vigne", Tenuta Sant'Antonio
  • 87WP 2018, Casaletti
  • 87WP 2018 "Rosetta", Marco Mosconi
  • 87WP 2017 "Pantagruele", Cantina A. Martinelli
  • 87WP 2019 Giannitessari
  • 87WP 2018 "Vigneto Terre Lunghe", Agostino Vicentini
  • 87WP 2017 "Le Cervare.Vulcano", Zambon
  • 87WP 2018 Tamellini
  • 87WP 2018 "Balinda", Benini
  • 87WP 2018 "La Vero", Corte Canella

Soave Superiore DOCG

  • 89WP 2017 "Il Casale", Agostino Vicentini
  • 89WP 2018 "Vigna della Corte", Corte Adami
  • 88WP 2017 "Runcata", Corte Giacobbe
  • 88WP 2017 "I Tarai", Corte Moschina
  • 88WP 2016 "Monte San Piero", Sandro De Bruno
  • 87WP 2016 Riserva, Villa Canestrari

Recioto di Soave DOCG

  • 91WP 2016 "El Re", Tenuta Solar
  • 89WP 2016 "Acinatico", Collis
  • 88WP 2017 "Le Schiavette", Le Mandolare


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