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There is something of a gold-rush atmosphere on Etna. In the past 20 years, around 100 new wineries have settled here, making Etna one of Italy's most exciting wine regions.

On the one hand, the interest is understandable: the special conditions on Etna - soils, microclimate, altitude of the vineyards, autochthonous grape varieties - define the region as a cool-climate growing area despite its geographical location and enable the production of wines with a unique, completely unmistakable character.

And here we are already at the circumstances that make the still young success story of viticulture on Etna so amazing. For the wines do not at all correspond to the mass taste that we can find in other trendy regions of Italy. Here - apart from a few dessert wines - nothing is sweet, nothing is flattering, nothing is thick or loud. The majority of Etna's wines are emphatically tart, often cool, restrained to demanding and rarely particularly fruity, often more on the emphatically mineral side, sometimes also brittle, because the red Nerello varieties tend to have pronounced tannins that can sometimes be quite reminiscent of Nebbiolo.

In addition, there are the growing conditions in the vineyards, some of which lie at an altitude of over 1000 metres and are not infrequently planted with ancient vines. ungrafted Quantities cannot be achieved here, and the number of hours of work that go into a litre of wine can hardly be compared to that of most other wine-growing regions in Italy.

It is therefore impossible to produce cheaply. The solution must therefore be to produce first-class and unique wine. How well this is achieved after such a short time surprises us again and again. And it makes us confident: the success story of Etna wines has only just begun.

We have tasted almost 150 wines from Etna in the past weeks, of which we present the best here. Links to all the wines tasted with detailed tasting notes as well as the producers can be found at the end of each of the best lists.

BEST OF Etna Etna DOC red

BEST OF Etna Terre Siciliane IGT red

BEST OF Etna Etna DOC white