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Good times for red wine lovers: 2018 was already remarkably good for German Pinot Noir and produced more top wines than any before it, but 2019 has all the makings of going down in history as the biggest vintage yet for the finest of all red wine varieties. We have already found 61 wines that were worth 90 points or more, and a significant number of the potential top Pinots are not even on the market yet.

We are currently noticing several positive developments. On the one hand, the trend towards wines with more finesse continues unabated. Also, many producers who used to focus on particularly high ripeness, alcohol power and abundant wood are now producing much more elegant Pinot Noirs. The most important side effect of this change of mind seems to be that the wines not only have more character and a higher recognition value, but also increasingly develop character of origin. And finally, we are always amazed at how many new talents we discover each year who are dedicated to producing fine Pinot Noirs.

Perhaps the nicest thing about it is that most red wine lovers can easily participate in these developments. Because even if some top producers are increasingly self-confident in their pricing, and the number of wines for which you have to fork out a three-digit euro amount also increases year after year, Germany still remains a paradise for excellent Pinot Noirs at affordable prices. We can't say it often enough: nowhere else can you discover so much good Pinot Noir for less than 20 euros.

This is also the reason why we strongly advise you not to focus only on the 94 top Burgundies presented here. At the end of each vintage list you will find links to a further total of around 350 German Pinot Noirs, many of which are worthy of any attention.

In Focus: German Pinot Noir Vintage 2019