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2020 began in Piedmont with a fairly mild and dry winter and spring. After an early budding, a prolonged rainy period from May until well into June slowed down the development of the vines and also caused some fungal pressure. In the end, however, the advantages of the water supply outweighed the disadvantages, which made a steady development possible over the following weeks with stable, not too hot summer weather.

Just in time for the onset of physiological ripeness from mid/late September, the nights began to get cooler: ideal for aroma development and preservation of acidity in equal measure. The harvest took place under optimal conditions and promised an excellent vintage right from the start.

The 2020 Barbaresco turned out rather leaner and lighter than those of the two previous years, which was more in keeping with the basic character of the appellation. Thus, the best wines of the vintage have power, but at the same time finesse, elegance and suppleness, which we expect from first-class Barbaresco. They will develop well for a long time. This year, the simpler examples more often show bitter notes reminiscent of camphor. Where substance and depth are lacking, tannins and alcohol are also more noticeable and sometimes disturb the balance somewhat.

Here we present the best of the 70 or so Barbaresco wines currently tasted. Unfortunately, many top wines have not yet been presented to us or were not yet on the market at the time of our sample request. We will submit the results of samples that arrive later.

Barbaresco Vintage 2020

Cecilia Monte Piedmont 2020 Barbaresco DOCG San Giuliano 89 WP very good 30.00 €
Taverna Wine Piedmont 2020 Barbaresco DOCG "Duicrü" 88 WP very good 30.00 €
Pertinace Piedmont 2020 Barbaresco DOCG Nervo 90 WP excellent
Pertinace Piedmont 2020 Barbaresco DOCG 89 WP very good
Socré Piedmont 2020 Barbaresco DOCG 31.00 €
Pico Maccario Piedmont 2020 Barbaresco DOCG 88 WP very good 27.00 €
CARLO GIACOSA Piedmont 2020 Barbaresco DOCG 89 WP very good
Cantine Povero Piedmont 2020 Barbaresco DOCG "Batù" 88 WP very good 19.00 €

Barbaresco Vintage 2019

Cecilia Monte Piedmont 2019 Barbaresco DOCG Serracapelli 89 WP very good Up to 50.00 €

Barbaresco Older vintages

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