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No question, no one wishes for the 70s back, a time when perhaps 3 good vintages were produced in 10 years. Nevertheless, the scepticism of many wine lovers about warm and hot vintages is growing now that climate change is becoming more and more noticeable. This is especially true for already hot regions like those around Montalcino.
Courtesy of Consorzio del Vino Brunello di Montalcino

But this concern is only partly justified, and the 2015 vintage in Montalcino makes this clear once again. Ideally, it is not only the alcohol levels that are high in such years, but also the concentration, depth of aroma and complexity that increase, at least where the work is done carefully and over-ripening and heat damage can be avoided. If the fruit can retain its subtleties, even concentrated and powerful wines do not seem heavy or even clumsy.

The good 2015 Brunellos - and they are the rule rather than the exception - prove this impressively. They are powerful, yet beguilingly juicy, deep and multi-layered wines that, at their best, come up with astonishing finesse. Admittedly, we were not sure what to expect from the 15th vintage. In the end, it turns out to be the best in a long time.

We tasted around 140 wines for this BEST OF. As always, we present the best ones here and as a handy PDF forward. You can find links to all the wines with detailed tasting notes as well as their producers by clicking on the headings.

Vintage 2015

  • 95WP Il Poggione
  • 94WP "Teatro", Salicutti
  • 94WP Salvioni
  • 94WP "Montosoli", Altesino
  • 94WP "Rennina", Pieve Santa Restituta
  • 93WP "Amore & Magia" Le Ripi
  • 93WP Pieve Santa Restituta
  • 93WP "Podernovi", San Polo
  • 93WP Cerbaia
  • 93WP "Manachiara", Silvio Nardi
  • 93WP "Vigna delle Raunate", Mocali
  • 92WP "Vallocchio", Fanti
  • 92HP Castelgiocondo
  • 92WP La Fiorita
  • 92HP "Giobi", La Fortuna
  • 92WP "Sensis", Cava d'Onice
  • 92WP "Colombaio", Cava d'Onice
  • 92WP "Vigna del Fiore", Barbi
  • 92WP Sesti
  • 92WP Fattoi
  • 92WP "30 Anni", Solaria
  • 92WP "Vigna Piaggia", Abbadia Ardenga
  • 92WP "Prime Donne", Donatella Cinelli Colombini
  • 92WP Giodo
  • 92WP "Sorgente", Salicutti
  • 92WP "No", La Fiorita
  • 92WP "Vigneto Poggio Doria", Silvio Nardi
  • 92WP Vasco Sassetti
  • 92WP Roberto Bellini
  • 91WP Ucelliera
  • 91WP "Pomona", Villa Poggio Salvi
  • 91WP Luca Brunelli
  • 91WP "Rosildo", Franco Pacenti
  • 91WP Franco Pacenti
  • 91WP Innocenti
  • 91WP Castelgiocondo
  • 91WP Mastrojanni
  • 91WP Tenuta di Sesta
  • 91WP Poggio San Polo
  • 91WP Argiano
  • 91WP Casisano
  • 91WP "Piaggione", Salicutti
  • 91WP "Vigna La Casa", Caparzo
  • 91WP Beatesca
  • 91WP La Fortuna
  • 90HP La Magia
  • 90HP Fanti
  • 90WP Baricci
  • 90WP "Tassi", Franci Franca - Tassi
  • 90WP Solaria
  • 90WP "vigna manapetra", La Collina dei Lecci
  • 90WP Ricci
  • 90WP Capanna
  • 90WP Máté
  • 90WP "Campaperi", Il Valentiano
  • 90WP Le Chiuse
  • 90WP Villa le Prata
  • 90WP La Gerla
  • 90WP La Poderina
  • 90WP Belpoggio
  • 90WP Donatella Cinelli Colombini
  • 90HP SassodiSole
  • 90WP Altesino
  • 90WP "A.D. 1441", Castello Tricerchi
  • 90WP "Franci", Franci Franca - Tassi
  • 90WP Poggio Il Castellare
  • 90WP Talenti

Older vintages

  • 95WP 2006 Biondi Santi
  • 93WP 2010 Riserva "Diecianni", Le Chiuse
  • 93WP 2006 "Vigna del Fiore", Barbi
  • 93WP 2013 Riserva, Caparzo
  • 92WP 2011 Riserva "Campo di Marzo", Il Valentiano
  • 92WP 2006 "altero", Poggio Antico
  • 91WP 2006 Riserva "Poggio al Vento", Col d'Orcia
  • 91WP 2013 Riserva "Poggio al Vento", Col d'Orcia
  • 90WP 2014 Riserva "Ripe al Convento", Castelgiocondo
  • 90WP 2006 Val di Suga

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