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The small old town of Beaumes de Venise with its barely 2500 inhabitants lies directly on the southern edge of the Dentelles de Montmirail to the east of Vacqueyras. It is home to two completely different wines. The much more famous is the Muscat de Beaumes de Venise, which was praised by Pliny the Elder almost 2000 years ago
Thomas O'Brien
<img alt="" src="/uploads/editor/images/513318/IR_08940_A5Thomas%20O'Brien-Rhone%20im%20FokusBeaumes%20de%20Venise.jpg" /></td> </tr> </tbody> </table> <p>It was so popular with the clergy in the days of the Avignonese papacy in the late 13th century that its production had to be specially increased. It is a fortified sweet wine (vin doux naturel) that retains its natural grape sweetness by stopping fermentation through the addition of brandy. Although the wine must have at least 15% alcohol, the best Muscat de Beaumes de Venise are by no means plump or heavy; on the contrary, they can even turn out surprisingly fine-flavoured, fresh and juicy. Most of them therefore taste best when young; only a few benefit from longer storage and develop aromas of dried fruit, candied orange and honey over the years.</p> <p>The red Beaumes de Venise has only had its AOC status since 2005, and the wines are generally robust and powerful, with the typical aromas of lavender, Provençal herbs and pepper found in so many red wines from the southern Rhône. The best wines counter their power and almost always fairly high alcohol with fresh juice and aromatic subtlety.</p> <p>Some 32 wines from the two appellations we have tasted in recent weeks, all of which we present here and, as always, also <a class="button small" href="/uploads/editor/files/513318/2020-BO/2020-fokus-3.pdf"><strong>as a PDF</strong></a>. Links to all the wines with detailed tasting notes as well as the producers can be found by clicking on the headings.</p> <div class="col-2"> <h3 class="main-title"><a href="https://wineguide.wein.plus/search-wines?cat=wineguide-wines&query=&Wine%5Bnone_price%5D=1&Wine%5Bprice%5D%5Bmax%5D=3000&Wine%5Bprice%5D%5Bmin%5D=1&Wine%5Bcountry%5D%5B0%5D=3389&Wine%5Bregion%5D%5B0%5D=3536&Wine%5Barea%5D%5B0%5D=222&Wine%5Bnon_sugar_use%5D=1&Wine%5Bsugar%5D%5Bmax%5D=499&Wine%5Bsugar%5D%5Bmin%5D=0&Wine%5Bvintage_use%5D=1&Wine%5Bvintage%5D%5Bmax%5D=2019&Wine%5Bvintage%5D%5Bmin%5D=1910&Wine%5Btested_use%5D=true&Wine%5Btested%5D%5Bmin%5D=2020-01-01&Wine%5Btested%5D%5Bmax%5D=2020-07-31&Wine%5Brating%5D%5Bmax%5D=100&Wine%5Brating%5D%5Bmin%5D=80&sort=rating&order=desc"><strong>Beaumes de Venise AOC</strong></a></h3> <ul> <li><strong>89WP</strong> 2018 "Pierre", Domaine des Garances</li> <li><strong>89WP</strong> 2017 "Les terres jaunes", Domaine de la Ferme Saint-Martin</li> <li><strong>88WP</strong> 2018 "Terres Blanches", Domaine le Fenouillet</li> <li><strong>88WP</strong> 2017 "Yvon Soard", Domaine le Fenouillet</li> <li><strong>88WP</strong> 2015 "Praestans", Domaine de Coyeux</li> <li><strong>88WP</strong> 2018 "la Blache", Domaine des Garances</li> <li><strong>88WP</strong> 2017 "Grangeneuve", Domaine Saint Amant</li> <li><strong>88WP</strong> 2018 Domaine Caroline Bonnefoy</li> <li><strong>88WP</strong> 2017 "Les Hauts", Domaine de Piéblanc</li> <li><strong>88WP</strong> 2016 "Saint Martin", Domaine de la Ferme Saint Martin</li> <li><strong>87WP</strong> 2018 Demoiselle Suzette</li> <li><strong>87WP</strong> 2015 "Thetys", Domaine de Coyeux</li> <li><strong>87WP</strong> 2017 "Hurlevent", Domaine de la Pigeade</li> <li><strong>87WP</strong> 2018 "La Ruyère", Domaine des Garances</li> <li><strong>87WP</strong> 2018 "Les Contreforts de Montmirail", Château la Croix des Pins</li> <li><strong>87WP</strong> 2017 "Costancia", Domaine de la Ferme Saint Martin</li> <li><strong>86WP</strong> 2015 "La Patronne", Domaine MathiFlo</li> <li><strong>86WP</strong> 2017 "Thetys", Domaine de Coyeux</li> <li><strong>85WP</strong> 2013 Domaine des Bernardins</li> <li><strong>84WP</strong> 2018 Domaine Pierre Rougon</li> </ul> </div> <div class="col-2"> <h3 class="main-title"><a href="https://wineguide.wein.plus/search-wines?cat=wineguide-wines&query=&Wine%5Bnone_price%5D=1&Wine%5Bprice%5D%5Bmax%5D=3000&Wine%5Bprice%5D%5Bmin%5D=1&Wine%5Bcountry%5D%5B0%5D=3389&Wine%5Bregion%5D%5B0%5D=3536&Wine%5Barea%5D%5B0%5D=4179&Wine%5Bnon_sugar_use%5D=1&Wine%5Bsugar%5D%5Bmax%5D=499&Wine%5Bsugar%5D%5Bmin%5D=0&Wine%5Bvintage_use%5D=1&Wine%5Bvintage%5D%5Bmax%5D=2019&Wine%5Bvintage%5D%5Bmin%5D=1910&Wine%5Btested_use%5D=true&Wine%5Btested%5D%5Bmin%5D=2020-01-01&Wine%5Btested%5D%5Bmax%5D=2020-07-31&Wine%5Brating%5D%5Bmax%5D=100&Wine%5Brating%5D%5Bmin%5D=80&sort=rating&order=desc"><strong>Muscat de Beaumes de Venise AOC</strong></a></h3> <ul> <li><strong>88WP</strong> 2018 Domaine de Fontavin</li> <li><strong>88WP</strong> 2017 "Mathys", Domaine de la Tourade</li> <li><strong>88WP</strong> 2012 "Vintage", Domaine de Coyeux</li> <li><strong>87WP</strong> 2012 "M", Château du Trignon</li> <li><strong>87WP</strong> 2018 Demoiselle Suzette</li> <li><strong>87WP</strong> 2017 "Selection Ancestrale", Domaine de Fenouillet</li> <li><strong>87WP</strong> 2018 "Enigmae", Domaine de Coyeux</li> <li><strong>87WP</strong> 2018 Domaine Pierre Rougon</li> <li><strong>87WP</strong> 2018 Domaine des Bernardins</li> <li><strong>86WP</strong> 2014 "Elegans", Domaine de Coyeux</li> <li><strong>86WP</strong> 2018 Domaine de la Pigeade</li> </ul> </div>