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As you may have noticed, we have a thing about Soave, otherwise we wouldn't make it the subject of a BEST OF year after year.

Unfortunately, the area's good reputation has been permanently tarnished by the masses of banal little wines that have been spilling over the Alps to us for decades. In fact, Soave is still one of the most important white wine regions in Italy, even in terms of quality. The astonishingly characterful wines from the best, often steep vineyards with their dark soils of volcanic origin are initially underestimated in Germany perhaps also because of their generally low acidity and their basically rather soft character. Yet they display a complexity, depth and storability that can easily compete with the top wines of many other regions.

We tasted around 120 wines for this BEST OF, the best of which we also present, as always, in a handy PDF presentation. You can find links to all the wines tasted by clicking on the respective designations of origin (for technical reasons, the Spumante are assigned to their respective DO).

Soave Classico DOC

  • 92WP 2015 Vigneto du Lot, Inama
  • 90WP 2015 Casette Foscarin, Monte Tondo
  • 90WP 2015 Monte Zoppega, Nardello
  • 90WP 2014 Carniga, Cantina del Castello
  • 90WP 2013 Vigneto du Lot, Inama
  • 90WP 2013 Vigneti di Foscarino, Inama
  • 90WP 2014 Colle Sant'Antonio, Prà
  • 89WP 2015 Vecchie Vigne Vigneti di Foscarino, Inama
  • 89WP 2014 Vecchie Vigne Contrada Salvarenza, Gini
  • 88WP 2015 La Froscá, Gini
  • 88WP 2015 Roccolo del Durlo, Le Battistelle
  • 88WP 2015 Verso, Canoso
  • 88WP 2013 Staforte, Prà
  • 88WP 2015 Monte Carbonare, Suavia
  • 88WP 2016 Vigna Turbian, Nardello
  • 87WP 2016 Monte Tondo
  • 87WP 2015 Monte Tondo
  • 87WP 2016 Vicario, CS the Monteforte D'Alpone
  • 87WP 2015 Ronchetto, Portinari
  • 87WP 2015 Staforte, Prà
  • 87WP 2015 Pigno, Giannitessari
  • 87WP 2016 Monte Tenda, Giannitessari
  • 87WP 2015 Campolungo, Villa Mattielli
  • 87WP 2016 Cimalta, Corte Adami
  • 87WP 2016 Il Roccolo, Le Mandolare
  • 87WP 2015 Battistelle, Le Battistelle
  • 87WP 2016 Danese

Soave Classico Superiore DOCG

  • 90WP 2016 Monte di Fice, I Stefanini
  • 88WP 2015 Monte di Fice, I Stefanini
  • 88WP 2015 Foscarin Slavinus, Monte Tondo

Soave DOC

  • 92WP 2014 Santo Stefano, Portinari
  • 91WP 2014 Colli Scaglieri, Sandro de Bruno
  • 88WP 2016 Sereole, Bertani
  • 88WP 2015 Albare, Portinari
  • 88WP 2014 Recorbian, Franchetto
  • 87WP 2016 Terre Lunghe, Vicentini
  • 87WP 2015 Terre Lunghe, Vicentini
  • 87WP 2016 La Vero, Corte Canella
  • 87WP 2016 Evaos, Corte Moschina

Soave Superiore DOCG

  • 91WP 2015 I Tarai, Corte Moschina
  • 89WP 2015 Il Casale, Vicentini
  • 89WP 2014 Riserva, Villa Canestrari
  • 88WP 2014 Monte San Piero, Sandro de Bruno
  • 88WP 2014 Monte Sella, Le Mandolare
  • 88WP 2016 Vigna delle Corte, Corte Adami


Recioto di Soave DOCG

  • 91WP 2012 Oro, Portinari
  • 90WP 2013 Marco Mosconi
  • 89WP 2009 Passo, Canoso
  • 88WP 2011 Suavissimus, Nardello
  • 88WP 2014 Le Schiavette, Le Mandolare
  • 87WP 2015 Luna Nova, Corte Mainente

Photos: Consorzio Soave, Charlie Fazio

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