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Due to the rather difficult year, the qualitative range of the 2014 Barbaresco is somewhat wider than usual. Nebbiolo, from which Barbaresco can only be made, can produce unique, fascinating and even overwhelming wines, but under adverse conditions it can also be extraordinarily brittle and uncharming. The current vintage exemplifies both: green, rough, uncharming wines on the one hand, highly refined, complex masterpieces where the challenges of the vintage were met.

There is something unique about first-class Barbaresco. Nowhere else in the world do wines with similar alcohol levels have this delicacy and elegance combined with beguilingly noble fruit and powerful yet silky tannins. Once you have tasted such beauty, you will rarely be able to put it down.

We have tasted around 120 wines for this BEST OF of which we present to you the best, as always, in a handy PDF presentation. To see all the Barbaresco tasted this year, go to here.

Vintage 2014

Vintage 2013

  • 92WP Gaiun Martinenga, Marchesi di Gresy
  • 91WP San Stunet, Busso
  • 91WP Serraboella "Sori Paitin", Paitin
  • 90WP Marcarini, Elvio Pertinace
  • 90WP Serraboella, Paitin
  • 90WP Casot, Giuseppe Nada
  • 89WP Canova, Ressia
  • 89WP Pajoré, Rizzi
  • 89WP Serraboella, Massimo Rivetti
  • 89WP Basarin, Marco e Vittorio Adriano
  • 89WP Nervo, Pertinace
  • 89WP Tettineive, Scarpa
  • 88WP Socre
  • 88WP Rocche Massalupo "Lano", Gianluigi Lano
  • 88WP Canova, Tenuta San Mauro
  • 88WP San Giulano, Paolo Manzone
  • 88WP Valeriano, Ada Nada
  • 88WP Bardini, Fontanabianca
  • 88WP Maruzzano, Cantina del Nebbiolo
  • 88WP MGM Mondo del Vino
  • 88WP Serracapelli, Poderi Elia
  • 87+WP Tenuta San Mauro
  • 87WP Ca'Grossa, Cascina Rabaglio
  • 87HP Rancaglie, Poderi Colla
  • 87WP Rio Sordo, Walter Musso

Older vintages

  • 94WP 2012 Camp Gros Martinenga, Marchesi di Gresy
  • 93WP 2012 Gallina, Busso
  • 92WP 2012 Santo Stefano Riserva, Castello di Neive
  • 91WP 2011 Basarin Riserva, Marco e Vittorio Adriano
  • 91WP 2011 Vecchie Vigne "Sori Paitin", Paitin
  • 90WP 2012 San Cristoforo, Cascina Sassi San Cristoforo
  • 90WP 2011 San Cristoforo, Cascina Sassi San Cristoforo
  • 90WP 2011 Cascina Bordino, Carretta
  • 89WP 2012 San Cristoforo, Cascina Sassi San Cristoforo
  • 89WP 2012 Ovello, Gigi Bianco
  • 88WP 2012 Roncaglie, Socre
  • 88WP 2011 San Cristoforo, Cascina Sassi San Cristoforo
  • 88WP 2012 Ciabot, Pasquale Pelissero
  • 88WP 2008 Serracapelli Riserve, Poderi Elia
  • 88WP 1988 Tettineive, Scarpa
  • 88WP 2012 Currà Riserve, Roberto Sarotto
  • 88WP 2010 Nervo "Vigna Giaia" Riserva, Armando Piazzo
  • 88WP 2012 Riserva, Roberta Sarotto
  • 88WP 2011 Luca Riserva, Carlo Giacosa
  • 87WP 2007 Vila Riserva, Pier
  • 87WP 2010 La Fenice, Pier
  • 87WP 2012 Cascina Sassi San Cristoforo

All photos: Consorzio di Tutela Barolo Barbaresco Alba Langhe e Dogliani

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