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The rather weakly pigmented Nebbiolo is one of the noblest red wine varieties of all, even if some wine lovers, for whom red wine must basically be deep-coloured, doubt this to this day. The most powerful, but also the most complex and finest of all Nebbiolo wines is ideally Barolo. Both its aroma and its colour are usually darker than those of other Nebbiolos. Its richness in tannins is legendary, but today the wines are generally accessible much earlier than they once were, without losing character, typicity and depth.

Vineyards in front of Barolo Castle

Soft flatterers are just as rare among Barolo as deep black wood bombs. The best examples are still suitable for maturing for years and decades.

We tasted around 150 wines for this BEST OF. Unfortunately, many top producers stayed away from the tasting this year, so we can only offer an incomplete overview. Nevertheless, the selection of first-class Barolo is so large that every lover of these wines should find what they are looking for.