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Ideally, a Barbaresco represents the perfect combination of power and finesse that hardly any other wine in the world can achieve. The 2016 vintage, we hope, should offer a number of wines that live up to this ideal.
Photo: Buccolo

Unfortunately, things turned out differently. Especially the 16s sometimes seem a bit rustic to us and lack exactly the subtleties that turn a very good wine into a first-class or even great one. Certainly, some of the best wines have not yet been presented to us and so it would be too early for a final judgement, but at the moment we like the 2015 wines, the 2013s and even those from the 2014 vintage, which has a reputation for being extremely difficult, better in most cases. Especially the latter has surprised us again and again in a very positive way - our list is even headed by a 14!

We tasted almost 100 wines for this BEST OF. Unfortunately, some top wineries did not accept our invitation, which is why some big names are missing from our list. We will stay tuned. As always, you can find the best results here and in a additional PDF. Links to all the wines tasted and their producers with detailed descriptions can be found by clicking on the vintage headings.

Vintage 2016

  • 95WP Gaja
  • 91WP "Serraboella Sori' Paitin", Paitin
  • 90WP "Tettineive", Scarpa
  • 90WP "Marcarini", Pertinace
  • 90WP "Montefico", Carlo Giacosa
  • 90WP "Pora", Walter Musso
  • 90WP "Serraboella", Paitin
  • 89WP "Pajè", Carlo Boffa
  • 89WP "Ovello", Carlo Boffa
  • 89WP Produttori del Barbaresco
  • 89WP "Bric Turot", Prunotto
  • 89WP "Rabaja", Giuseppe Cortese
  • 89WP "Narin", Carlo Giacosa
  • 89WP "Bricco San Giuliano", Pasquale Pelissero
  • 89WP "Rombone Elisa", Ada Nada
  • 89WP "Castellizzano", Pertinace
  • 89WP "Nervo", Pertinace
  • 88WP "Serra Boella", Fratelli Barale
  • 88WP "Patrizi", Aldo Manfredi
  • 88WP "Roncaglie", Poderi Colla
  • 88WP "Rizzi", Rizzi
  • 88WP "Pajoré", Rizzi
  • 88WP "Nervo", Rizzi
  • 88WP Paola Sordo
  • 88WP "Manzola", Groppone
  • 88WP Prunotto
  • 88WP Pertinace
  • 88WP "Basarin", Angelo Negro
  • 88WP "San Giuliano", Paolo Manzone
  • 88WP Carlo Boffa
  • 88WP "Cascina Crosa", Pasquale Pelissero
  • 88WP "Valeriano", Ada Nada
  • 88WP "Gaja Principe", Rabaglio
  • 88WP "Froi", Massimo Rivetti
  • 88WP "Marcarini", Rivetto

Vintage 2015

  • 95WP Gaja
  • 91WP "Martinenga", Marchesi di Gresy
  • 91WP "Nervo", Pertinace
  • 91WP "Castellizzano", Pertinace
  • 91WP "Tulin", Vitivinicola Pelissero
  • 90WP "San Stunet", Busso
  • 90WP "Albesani Vigna Borghese", Busso
  • 90WP "Asili", Luigi Minuto
  • 90WP "Marcarini", Pertinace
  • 89WP "Rabaja", Luigi Minuto
  • 89WP "Paolin", Luigi Minuto
  • 89WP Ronchi
  • 89WP Pertinace
  • 88WP "Terre Sabaude", Produttori di Govone
  • 88WP "Gerassino", Tenuta Carretta
  • 88WP Gian Piero Marrone
  • 88WP "Serracapelli", Poderi Elia
  • 88WP "Rocche Massalupo", Gianluigi Lano

Vintage 2014

  • 96WP "Sori Tildin", Gaja
  • 92WP "Gallina", Busso
  • 92WP "Gaiun Martinenga", Marchesi di Gresy
  • 91WP Riserva "Sori' Paitin Vecchie Vigne", Paitin
  • 90WP "Stardé", F.lli Dezzani
  • 89WP Riserva "Serraboella", Massimo Rivetti

Vintage 2013

  • 93WP Riserva "Camp Gros Martinenga", Marchesi di Gresy
  • 92WP Riserva "Basarin", Punset
  • 89WP Riserva "Jacco", Viglione Achille Sas
  • 88WP "Cascina Bordino", Tenuta Carretta
  • 88WP Riserva "Canova Serie Oro", Ressia

Older vintages

  • 94WP 2012 Gaja
  • 89WP 2012 Riserva "San Cristoforo Campo Quadro", Punset
  • 89WP 1999 Riserva, Roberto Sarotto
  • 89WP 2001 Riserva "Villa Aurora", Roberto Sarotto
  • 89WP 2005 Riserva "Villa Aurora", Roberto Sarotto
  • 88WP 2006 Riserva, Giovanni Demarie
  • 88WP 2011 Riserva "San Cristoforo Campo Quadro", Punset
  • 88WP 2006 Riserva "Villa Martino Vineyards", Casetta
  • 88WP 2011 "Rocche Massalupo", Gianluigi Lano
  • 88WP 2012 Riserva, Salvano
Photo Teaser: © Consorzio di Tutela Barolo Barbaresco Alba Langhe e Dogliani

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