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We tasted well over 200 wines for this BEST OF, the vast majority of them from the excellent 2015 vintage. It has been a long time since the average qualities were as high as this year; the successful examples - of which there are plenty - have exactly the mixture of power, depth, complexity and finesse that characterises first-class Barolo. In addition, the top wines have a stunning freshness and liveliness that one would hardly have expected from such a warm year. Only when the alcohol content crosses the 15 percent mark does it sometimes become too much, even for Barolo.

Freshness and liveliness also characterise the best 2014 Barolo. The cool and rainy vintage is considered one of the most difficult in the region since 2002, and yet some producers have succeeded in producing quite astonishing wines. It may be due to our preference for finesse-rich wines, but we like a few examples even better than their '13 or '15 counterparts. How Gaja was able to create such a masterpiece with the Sperss will remain a mystery to us, too.

Most of the 2013 Barolos, most of which we had on the table, are more austere and pithy. The tops are still very youthful, decidedly firm, deep and multi-layered, but some representatives also tend to have slightly brittle tannins and therefore seem a little rustic.

Also this year, some well-known producers are missing, who unfortunately did not accept our invitation. However, we were promised a few samples, the results of which we will send to you as soon as the wines have been tasted.

Photo: Consorzio di Tutela Barolo Barbaresco Alba Langhe e Dogliani

As always, you can find the best results here and as a PDF. Links to all the wines tasted with detailed tasting notes as well as their producers can be obtained by clicking on the respective vintage headings.

Vintage 2015

  • 95WP "Tre Tine", Giuseppe Rinaldi
  • 95WP "Dagromis", Gaja
  • 94WP La Serra, Marcarini
  • 94WP Bricco Boschis, Cavallotto
  • 94WP Arborina, Mauro Veglio
  • 93WP Bricco Luciani, Silvio Grasso
  • 93WP Brunate, Marcarini
  • 93WP Bussia, Armando Parusso
  • 93WP Cannubi, Francesco Rinaldi
  • 92WP Mariondino, Parusso
  • 92WP Perno "Vigna Capella di S. Stefano", Rocche dei Manzoni
  • 92WP Bricco San Pietro "Vigna d'la Roul", Rocche dei Manzoni
  • 92WP Gattera, Mauro Veglio
  • 92WP La Serra, Gianni Voerzio
  • 92WP Catelletto, Gianni Voerzio
  • 92WP Bricco Manzoni, Silvio Grasso
  • 92WP Annunziata "Vigna Plicotti", Silvio Grasso
  • 92WP Ginestra, Aldo Clerico
  • 92WP Riva Rocca, Claudio Alario
  • 92WP Briccolina, Batasiolo
  • 91WP Sant'Anna, L'Illuminata
  • 91WP Buon Padre, Giovanni Viberti
  • 91HP Persiera, Josetta Saffiro
  • 91WP Giachini, Silvio Grasso
  • 91WP Neirane, Bosco Agostino
  • 91WP Rocche dell'Annunziata, Rocche Costamagna
  • 91WP Bussia "Vigna dei Fantini", Silvano Bolmida
  • 91WP Bussia, Amalia
  • 91WP Cannubi, Damilano
  • 91WP "Turnè", Silvio Grasso
  • 91WP Cannubi, L'Astemia Pentita
  • 91WP Parussi, Massolino
  • 91WP Cannubi, Luigi Einaudi
  • 91WP "V. Lazzairasco", Guido Porro
  • 91WP Parusso
  • 91WP Sottocastello di Novello, Le Ginestre
  • 91WP Carlo Revello
  • 91WP Le Coste di Monforte, Amalia
  • 91WP Castellero, Fratelli Barale
  • 91WP Terlo "Vigna Costa Grimaldi", Luigi Einaudi
  • 91WP Boscareto, Batasiolo
  • 91WP La Morra, Marcarini
  • 91WP Sorano, Claudio Alario
  • 90WP Aldo Clerico
  • 90WP F.lli Raineri
  • 90WP Roncaglie, Eraldo Viberti
  • 90WP Eraldo Viberti
  • 90WP Prapò, Schiavenza
  • 90WP "R.G." Carlo Revello
  • 90WP San Giovanni, Gianfranco Alessandria
  • 90WP Cannubi, Fratelli Borgogno
  • 90WP Dosio
  • 90WP "Tre Ciabòt", Ballarin
  • 90WP Bussia, Stefano Bolmida
  • 90WP Silvio Grasso
  • 90WP Domenico Clerico
  • 90WP La Serra, Bosco Agostino
  • 90WP Monfalletto, Cordero di Montezemolo
  • 90WP Bussia, Gian Piero Marrone
  • 90WP Serralunga d'Alba, Rivetto
  • 90WP Bussia, Fratelli Barale
  • 90WP "Tettimorra", Scarpa
  • 90WP Bussia "Dardi Le Rose", Poderi Colla
  • 90WP Bussia, Prunotto
  • 90WP "La Tartufaia", Giulia Negri
  • 90WP Bussia Luigi Einaudi
  • 90WP Bricco San Pietro, Gigi Rosso
  • 90WP Gabutti, Franco Boasso
  • 90WP Bricco San Pietro, Ruggeri Corsini
  • 90WP Renato Buganza

Vintage 2014

  • 97WP "Sperss", Gaja
  • 93WP "Dagromis", Gaja
  • 93WP "Conteisa", Gaja
  • 92WP Cannubi, Damilano
  • 92WP San Giovanni, Gianfranco Alessandria
  • 91WP Bussia, Monti
  • 90HP Parussi, Deltetto
  • 90WP "Sernie", Boschetti
  • 90WP Ravera, Fratelli Abrigo

Vintage 2013

Vintage 2012

  • 94WP 2012 Vignolo Riserva, Cavallotto
  • 93WP 2012 Bricco Boschis "Vigna San Giuseppe", Cavallotto
  • 91WP 2012 Rocche dell'Annunziata Riserva "Bricco Francesco", Rocche Costamagna
  • 91WP 2012 Riserva "Marasco", Franco M. Martinetti
  • 90WP 2012 Riserva "Naturali Vinorum", Salvano
  • 90WP 2012 Riserva "Boschetti", Boschetti - Azienda Gomba
  • 90WP 2012 Lizzarito Riserva, Ettore Germano
Photo Teaser: © Tino Gerbaldo

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