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Grüner or Roter Veltliner, that is the question here! Qualitatively, the varieties in the Wagram are on a par; first-class wines are produced from both. And yet the comparison seems like - because it is so obvious - when Russia plays football against Croatia. The giant against the dwarf. While almost half of the vineyard area is planted with Grüner Veltliner, only 3% is planted with Red Veltliner. Every wine lover is his own referee as to who will win the game.

The wines have a lot in common, even if a relationship between the two varieties has not yet been proven. Both have peppery notes, whereby the loess, which is predominant in the Wagram region, seems to intensify this tone in almost all varieties. Green Veltliner tends to be melting and somewhat full-bodied even at somewhat lower alcohol levels and often exhibits green-vegetable aromas, while Red Veltliner is somewhat more yellow-fruited, especially at lower alcohol levels, and can actually also show red-berry aromas at higher maturity.

The other white wine varieties are also dwarfs against Grüner Veltliner in terms of acreage. But especially Riesling, Pinot Blanc, Chardonnay and occasionally Sauvignon Blanc produce excellent results time and again - especially in the hands of the respective specialists. But a few producers even play the entire grape variety keyboard with consistent quality.

The same applies to the reds. Here, Zweigelt dominates in terms of quantity and is one of the best in Lower Austria, but St. Laurent and Pinot Noir can also turn out remarkably well.

In total, we tasted around 130 wines from the Wagram last year, of which we present the best here and in the Present PDF. You can find links to all the wines by clicking on the respective headings.

Grüner Veltliner

  • 91WP 2016 Schlossberg Erste Lage, Fritsch
  • 91WP 2016 Scheiben Erste Lage, Leth
  • 90WP 2016 Weelfel, Söllner
  • 90WP 2016 Brunnthal Erste Lage, Leth
  • 90WP 2016 Dorner "1598", Urbanihof
  • 89WP 2015 Dorner "1598", Urbanihof
  • 89WP 2016 Dorner Old Vines, Urbanihof
  • 89WP 2015 Grande Reserve "Gigama", Leth
  • 89WP 2015 Old Vine Garden, Diwald
  • 89WP 2016 Mordthal Erste Lage, Fritsch
  • 89WP 2016 Mordthal, Ecker - Eckhof
  • 88WP 2016 Classic, Urbanihof
  • 88WP 2014 "70s", Franz Bayer
  • 88WP 2016 Slices "Löss III", Sauerstingl
  • 88WP 2016 Goldberg, Diwald
  • 88WP 2016 Schafflerberg, Leth
  • 88WP 2016 Fumberg, Blauensteiner
  • 88WP 2016 Fumberg, Söllner
  • 87WP 2016 Brunnthal Selection, Urbanihof
  • 87WP 2017 Brunnthal Selection, Urbanihof
  • 87WP 2017 Classic, Urbanihof
  • 87WP 2016 Essenthal, Blauensteiner
  • 87WP 2017 Fumberg, Blauensteiner
  • 87WP 2016 Fumberg "Private", Blauensteiner
  • 87WP 2016 "Premium", Ernst family
  • 87WP 2016 Hochrain "Private", Franz Bayer
  • 87WP 2016 Hengstberg, Söllner
  • 87WP 2017 Mittersteig, Gerhold
  • 87WP 2016 Mittersteig, Gerhold
  • 87WP 2016 Hohenberg, Ernst family
  • 87WP 2016 Hochrain, Franz Anton Mayer
  • 86WP 2015 Dorner Reserve, Urbanihof
  • 86WP 2016 "Löss II", Sauerstingl
  • 86WP 2016 "Löss", Diwald
  • 86WP 2016 Gänsacker, Franz Bayer
  • 86WP 2016 Hochrein, Franz Bayer
  • 86WP 2017 Zeisleiten, Gerhold
  • 86WP 2016 Classic, Ernst family
  • 86WP 2016 Wilbling, Blauensteiner
  • 86WP 2017 Essenthal, Blauensteiner

Roter Veltliner

  • 90WP 2016 Steinberg, Ecker - Eckhof
  • 90WP 2016 Berg Eisenhut, Söllner
  • 90WP 2016 Scheiben, Leth
  • 90WP 2016 Steinberg, Fritsch
  • 88WP 2016 Sauerstingl
  • 88WP 2016 Fumberg, Leth
  • 87WP 2014 Mordthal "Jungfernlese", Preisinger-Reinberger
  • 87WP 2016 Dorner, Urbanihof
  • 86WP 2016 Ecker - Eckhof
  • 86WP 2016 Sollner
  • 86WP 2016 Ernst family

Frühroter Veltliner

  • 86WP 2016 Ernst family


Pinot Blanc


Sauvignon Blanc


  • 86WP 2016 Blauensteiner
  • 86WP 2017 Blauensteiner
  • 86WP 2016 Ernst Family
  • 86WP 2016 Bromberg, Franz Bayer


  • 86WP 2016 "Cuvée Emilia", Grill

Red wines

Pictures: ÖWM

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