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Saveurs oubliées"Saveurs Oubliées", perhaps to be translated as "forgotten flavours". The aromas of this wine are not that "forgotten". Perhaps - in the singular - the name could mean: Forgotten flavors - better yet, "good tastes". Be that as it may, in terms of grape varieties (55% Old Carignan , 30% Syrah, 15% Grenache), it is a typical Languedoc-Roussillon wine. In terms of vinification, it is also strongly influenced by tradition. Rather somewhat rustic, an authentic cuvée, nothing tasteless is to be found in it, rather maturity, south, spice, landscape, soil...

The "Vignerons Catalans" are a winegrowers' cooperative and a rather large one at that. It comprises nine cooperatives and far more than 2,000 producers. For me, this is another proof that particularly in the huge wine region of the south, well-managed companies - in the vineyard, in the cellar, as well as in the marketing - can achieve astonishing results. Wines are being made (and marketed) that can compete with the wines of even the most respected self-pressers and wineries. The (perhaps) lack of individuality is made up for by expertise and craftsmanship, by strict selection and technical possibilities. The wine offers what is (also) sought after today: a safe value, which perhaps comes across a bit "uniform" (meaning always the same) over the years.