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Chorey-les-Beaune FlascheI guess that's how it is for people who know little about a winemaker, a winery, or an appellation. In any case, this is what happened to me: I was alone at home and took a bottle out of the cellar, a bottle that is not registered in my otherwise meticulously accurate cellar book. I must have received it from a friend, at some point, on some occasion. And so it has rested - for years now - unnoticed in the cellar. Vintage 1995, Burgundy - I don't know much about it (although I've been to Burgundy several times): not at all like a wine lover. Rémy, my friend who knows Burgundy, is in charge. He guides me wine-wise through Burgundy. But Rémy is not there, on holiday, in France.

So I dare to do it. Although I always decant all wines (even old ones), I refrained from doing so this time. Out of sheer convenience, let's put it bluntly: Laziness. The first sip - bottle just opened - elicited an Ah from me. Still slightly pressed notes, stable or cellar tones, no oxidation, no brown tones, sparkling liveliness, yet slightly plummy. An "old wine", but obviously a remarkable one: Ahhh! Then it evolved, in the glass, it got better by the minute, more harmonious, more complex, deeper. Ohhh! Because I was alone, I didn't cook much: I regretted it, because this wine deserved better accompaniment. Wow!