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Everybody knows it, but nobody drinks it. Those who are supposed to be wine connoisseurs give the thin, meaningless white from the discount store a wide berth. But beware - Soave can also be different. It does have this lousy reputation because of the huge, plains-produced masses that fill the cheap wine shelves mainly in Germany and the UK. On the other hand, it is one of the most beautiful and expressive white wines in Italy when it comes from the hills. So, it is definitely worthwhile to take a closer look at this white wine with the nice name, which is produced east of Verona.
Sources of figures and pictures: Consorzio di Tutela Soave

Soave shares its fate with the even more famous Prosecco, which also has two faces. As with Prosecco, the top Soaves come from hillside vineyards and are mainly produced by small family wineries. The majority of the vines, however, grow in the fertile flatlands along the Verona-Venice highway and generally produce characterless, neutral white wines. They are produced by cooperatives, marketed by anonymous bottlers, and sold in our supermarkets for less than 2 euros. So it's understandable that many consumers think of cheap wine when they hear the name Soave.