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Pilgrimage from winery to winery has become the sport of many wine lovers. After all, you want to know where the favourites you store in your cellar come from; you want to get to know the terrain where they grew up, visit their mother house. I'm not talking about the contact and buying tours of wine merchants and brokers; for them, visiting winemakers is part of the business, part of the job. I'm also not talking about the sale of wines directly from the farm, which is important, even necessary, especially for smaller wineries (without a large distribution system of their own), in order to be able to live (and often survive). I am thinking of the ritualized processions to the most famous names and greats in all prestigious wine regions. Bordeaux with its prestigious châteaux probably serves as a model. There, showing success and wealth has been part of the wine business for centuries. Actually, there is nothing to be said against this. Wine is also allowed to have a magnificent, a historically interesting, a beautiful, often also a glorious home.