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galena priorat.-In the time-honored town hall hall - where a good two months ago, as every year, the old custom of "One, two, Geissebei" took place - the former town and municipal councillors are invited to dinner. I'm there and stick my nose - at the red wine - expectantly into the glass. A drink of honour at a dinner of honour. An infinitely heavy, deep, fruity, young Bordeaux comes towards me, which can't be a Bodeaux at all (but perhaps would like to be, I don't know). I guessed Spain and was right. The wine is good, but..

Why Spain, why not a local growth? A "Rosenstädter" - actually a historic city wine (vineyard below the castle) or - not quite as distinguished - a "Höcklisteiner", a "Lenggiser", "Meineberg", a country wine, Pinot Noir, as there are many around Lake Zurich. One can even - if the wine of the municipality (pardon: of the city) should not be representative enough - it is after all a dinner of honour - one can - as with the white wine at the aperitif - switch to Zurich: there are a few very good names: Schwarzenbach, Meier, Schipf or even on the Obersee: Bamert.IMG_0357