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Domaine Pierre BrazeyPommard, a small community in Burgundy, less than half a hundred inhabitants, but still world famous. The reason for this is the approximately 300 hectares of vineyards on which only Pinot Noir is cultivated, which has probably gone down in wine history as the most typical of all Burgundies. Actually robust, tannin-rich and in the smell typical appeal to blackberries and blueberries. About one third of the vineyard area of Pomerol is classified as Premier Cru (28). This wine does not come from these sites, so it is not a Premier Cru, but it is a Pommard through and through. Not just typical, but typically good, indeed excellent, now after nearly 10 years of cellaring. Here we are again with age. Optimal aging in pinot noir is very difficult to gauge. Not every Burgundy is long-lived, it tends to lose its liveliness and race with age. After five years - especially with the strong Pommard - complex (read fine) aromas developBurgund Klerine Kamera 234 - mplex (read fine) aromas develop: leather, pepper, paprika, chocolate in the nose as well as in the palate and an unbelievable tenderness and density sets in. It is said that this only lasts up to about ten years, then the wine degrades significantly. This bottle - arguably the result of the soil and winemaking - has by no means begun its descent after nine years. In my estimation (I'm more of a Bordeaux drinker), the wine should still be as present and aromatic for a good five years, or - as they like to sweepingly say - Burgundian. Perhaps Pomona, the goddess of fruits and gardens, was its godfather after all. I, at least, have this impression.