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DSCN9013It's been almost two years since I last drank, and of course wrote about, La Nerthe. It was a 1990. Now it's the 99's turn. No, I'm not a Nerthe fan, I'm a Nerthe marked. I believe I have written this before. "La Nerthe" belongs to me (and I to it) because it is the first wine I ever noticed. But I was nowhere near drinking age then. It was always available on feast days and at the rare family gatherings. Not for me, of course. I was only allowed to watch with my syrup, to marvel at what the grown-ups drank while the little ones waited for the Christ Child. No wonder, I still associate "La Nerthe" with the feelings of being given presents and celebrating.

That's why I like to drink "La Nerthe", even today. It brings back a piece of memory, a piece of my past life, whenever and wherever I have the wine in my glass. And that is good! For me and for the wine. Now that the empty bottle is next to me, I seriously ask myself the question: how many memories, experiences, feelings, stories are in the wines? For each and everyone something, but always something different. So it happens that every wine is something different for those who drink it. A different wine, although - materially speaking - the same.La Nerthe Châteauneuf-du-Pape