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casa_moreiras_ribeira_sacra_borgoIt is mainly the grape variety that interests me: Godello, an indigenous vine from the Galicia region of Spain. Never drunk it until now. My first impression: fresh, smooth, fruity, aromatic. Well, this can be said of many white wines - especially good aperitif wines. With 12.5 vol.% rather low in alcohol - thank goodness. So the citrus notes and hints of citrus are not drowned and a fresh, but also polished acidity can spread. The main question on my mind is: is this wine worth getting to know, or is it just another - almost exotic - edition of a wine from lesser-known regions? After all, these are pushing more and more onto the market, as it were as an alternative to the grape varieties and wine styles that have long been established in our country. Does the range of wines - in this case white wines - have to be extended to the point of being unmissable? Does the wine bring me a previously unknown drinking experience? And is it worth seeking out this experience? Already, the wine is being hailed as "one of the new shooting stars in the Spanish wine landscape". Naturally, it takes a little longer until 72882_718_538"shooting stars" from other regions have arrived here. Often so long that they have already taken off their star garb. Therefore, the question is justified: Do we need wines from the Godello grape variety and can a top wine ever be made from it? Usually, it is the prices and the otherness that give such wines wings. They then often fly to countries that already have a lot of wine themselves, including famous and long-recognized ones. In fact, there are top Godello, which can also reach the magic 90 points and usually cost less than 10 euros. If you compare these with other highly praised wines, you can rub your eyes and squint at Galicia. Also with this wine? This wine costs around 16 francs, well over 10 euros. So it can't be the price that endears the wine to me. It is rather its extraordinary freshness, its minerality, and its considerable otherness that win me over.