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Bei einem Wagnerfan zu Hause BürgerspitalOf course, in a Bocksbeutel, decorated with the Wagner Festival House of Bayreuth. A special wine that was poured for me here - by a Wagner fan. To the aperitif a little mastig, though elegant, finesse-rich sweet, with a fine sweetness-acid play. It is - at this moment - above all about Richard Wagner and the festival location Beyreuth and less about the wine. And yet: the wine can definitely keep up with the Wagner culture. Admittedly, the light sweetness does not really want to fit Wagner's felt, content-heavy music and it is not a Götterdämmerung either. But a wine that emphasizes harmony so much - and this Riesling does - fits Wagner all the same. But I don't venture out on branches when it comes to music - much less the sworn Wagnerian community. Moreover, I'm not a lover of fine-hard wines, though I certainly recognize and appreciate their quality. However, the wonderful location of the Bürgerspital vineyards alone and, of course, the history of the traditional winery - including the clean, perfect vinification - always arouse my interest FestspielhausAnd when I even read the following anecdotal story on the winery's homepage, I'm not only reconciled with Wagner and the wine, I'm even thrilled that wine can be a carrier of stories and culture again and again: "At first, the wines serve to supply their own needs. In 1598, the hospital residents, men as well as women, get a measure - 1.22 liters - of wine every day. If the residents behaved insubordinately, the hospital mixed water into their wine as a punishment. If the improprieties go too far, the wine ration is cut off - a draconian lesson. Soon the Bürgerspital finances its charitable undertakings out of the earnings from the vineyards, agriculture and property management." But today's Bürgerspital immediately reassures us: "Fortunately, the strictness of the authorities has long since disappeared. The Bürgerspital is a place for young and old connoisseurs". I already belong to the older epicures, but definitely to the epicures. Also with this wine. Its light apricot and peach aroma, the typicality (what a fashionable word!) of a Riesling and the unobtrusive, light sweetness I can definitely appreciate and acknowledge. In any case, the wine has wonderfully spurred our conversations - not (only) about Wagner. What more can you expect from a wine?