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The satellite appellations around the central Chianti Classico are anything but uniform; yet it is difficult to characterise them individually, as the style of the house clearly matters more than its exact origin when it comes to the personality of one of these wines. The range of styles and qualities is correspondingly wide.
Photo: Consorzio Vino Chianti

One thing is certain: if you are looking for the Chianti that Tuscany once stood for, the unpretentious, tangy, animating, not too heavy food companion with a stimulating acid bite and just the right dose of rustic earthiness, you have to look here. These Chianti will never win the competition for the world's greatest wines, but they will always win the race for the front seat at the dinner table.

Many names of producers of very pleasing Chianti are not familiar to most wine lovers, even in Italy. Those who stick only to the more famous wineries, on the other hand, sometimes miss out on the best, because the ambition of some of these wineries can also lead to rather pretentious results that lack any Chianti charm.

So nothing helps: you have to try your way through. We have done that and tasted around 150 samples from all Chianti regions except Classico in the last few weeks. We present the best wines here and, as always, also as PDF in front of. Links to all wines and producers with detailed descriptions can be found by clicking on the respective headings.

Chianti Colli Arentini

  • 86WP Manussi Dorandi

Chianti Colli Fiorentini

  • 89WP 2014 Riserva "Castello di Poppiano", Conte Guicciardini
  • 87WP 2015 Riserva "Badia a Corte", Torre a Cona
  • 87WP 2015 Riserva "La Torretta", La Querce
  • 87WP 2015 Riserva, Malenchini
  • 86WP 2014 "Foss'a spina", Il Corno
  • 86WP 2015 Riserva, di Bagnolo
  • 86WP 2016 "Il Castelvecchio", Castelvecchio
  • 86WP 2016 "Darno", San Vito
  • 86WP 2013 Riserva "Briccole", Villa Corliano
  • 86WP 2015 Le Torri
  • 86WP 2015 "Respiro", Le Sorgenti

Chianti Colli Senesi

  • 87WP 2015 Riserva "Caulio", Pietraserena
  • 87WP 2016 Poggio Salvi
  • 87WP 2016 San Gregorio
  • 86WP 2014 Riserva, Poggio del Moro
  • 86WP 2016 "Al canapo", Bindi Sergardi

Chianti Montalbano

  • 88WP 2015 Riserva "Il Fondatore", Cantagallo e le Farnete
  • 88WP 2015 Riserva, Cantagallo e le Farnete
  • 87WP 2016 Betti
  • 86WP 2015 Riserva, Betti

Chianti Montespertoli

  • 87WP 2013 Riserva "I Fossili", Le Fonti a San Giorgio
  • 86WP 2015 Riserva "Castello Montespertoli", Castello Sonnino

Chianti Rúfina

  • 88WP 2013 Riserva "Villa Bossi", Bossi
  • 88WP 2014 Riserva "Lastricato", Castello del Trebbio
  • 87WP 2014 Riserva, F.lli Bellini
  • 87WP 2013 Riserva "Il Pozzo Vigna Vecchia", F.lli Bellini
  • 87WP 2016 "San Giuliano", Bossi
  • 87WP 2015 Riserva "Tegolaia", Travignoli
  • 87WP 2013 Riserva Vigneto Bucerchiale, Selvapiana
  • 86WP 2013 Riserva, di Basciano
  • 86WP 2016 "Villa Travignoli", Travignoli
  • 86WP 2015 Riserva "Pian dei Sorbi", Bossi
  • 86WP 2016 "Governo", Travignoli
  • 86WP 2016 "Il Pozzo", F.lli Bellini
  • 86WP 2016 Selvapiana
  • 86WP 2013 Riserva, Il Capitano


  • 88WP 2014 Riserva "Le Cerrine", Gentili Carlo e Figli
  • 88WP 2013 Riserva "Italo", Emanuala Tamburini
  • 88WP 2015 Riserva "I Sodi del Paretaio", Badia di Morrona
  • 88WP 2015 Riserva, Sangervasio
  • 88WP 2015 Riserva, di Casalbosco
  • 88WP 2015 Riserva "Vigna di Pallino", Sette Ponti
  • 88WP 2005 Riserva, Montaioncino
  • 87WP 2013 Riserva "Meme", di Petrognano
  • 87WP 2012 Riserva, Podere Alberese
  • 87WP 2012 Riserva, Vecchia Cantina di Montepulciano
  • 87WP 2014 Riserva "Cosimacco", Terre di San Gorgone
  • 87WP 2015 Riserva "Poggio ai Grilli", San Jacopo in Castiglioni
  • 87WP 2013 Riserva "Ricordo", Il Sosso
  • 87WP 2014 Riserva, Giudi 1929
  • 87WP 2013 Riserva, Petriolo
  • 87WP 2015 Riserva "Lorenzana", Uccelliera
  • 87WP 2011 Riserva, Pietralta
  • 86WP 2013 Riserva "Cosmus", Piandaccoli di Bruni G.
  • 86WP 2016 Petriolo
  • 86WP 2014 "The Boss", Emanuela Tamburini
  • 86WP 2015 "Porto Rubino", Altomena
  • 86WP 2015 Riserva, Marcialla
  • 86WP 2016 Sangervasio
  • 86WP 2017 Pietralta
  • 86WP 2016 "Val di Merse", Poggio Salvi
  • 86WP 2015 Riserva, Montaioncino
  • 86WP 2016 "Sorrettole", La Querce
  • 86WP 2016 "Leopoldo", delle Ripalte
  • 86WP 2014 "Sasso Lupaio", Camperchi
  • 86WP 2016 "Castigliono", Marchesi di Frescobaldi
  • 86WP 2015, Gentili Carlo e Figli
  • 86WP 2012 Riserva, di Poggiopiano
  • 86WP 2013 Riserva "Forteguerra", Samuele Guerrini
  • 86WP 2014 Riserva, di Basciano
  • 86WP 2016, Marcialla
  • 86WP 2013 Riserva "Villa di Sticciano", di Sticciano
  • 86WP 2015 Riserva, Cecchi

Chianti Superiore

  • 88WP 2015 "Cerretello", Pieve de' Pitti
  • 87WP 2016 "Villa Migliarina", Migliarina
  • 87WP 2016 "Sassocupo", Buccia Nera di Mancini
  • 87WP 2016, Castello del Trebbio
  • 86WP 2016 "Fattoria il Colle", Donatella Cinelli Colombini

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