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We tasted quite a wide range of vintages for this BEST OF over the last few months. In the end, it was hard to pick a favourite among them. There is no doubt that the warming of the climate is also making itself clearly felt in Tuscany. The elegant, fresh, drinkable Chianti Classico is almost extinct today. Today, the Annata are also almost always quite strong; alcohol degrees of around 14% used to be the great exception, today they are the norm.
Photo: Consorzio Vino Chianti Classico

Thus, the Riserve stand out from the Annata and the Gran Selezione from the Riserve not necessarily through even more power, but through greater complexity and depth, ideally combined with finesse. This is not always successful. The Gran Selezione in particular can be impressive, sometimes great, but sometimes also quickly saturating, in the worst case rather coarse and rustic. Our favourites in all categories are always the wines that have managed to retain freshness and subtlety. One might therefore think that the cooler years would have more of an advantage today, but it is not quite that simple. The topography of Chianti Classico is rather uneven, so that each year it depends on the respective vineyard sites who comes out on top. And, of course, on the skill and sensitivity of the producers. That, too, has increased noticeably in the last 20 years. Because there has probably never been so much well-made Chianti Classico from so many different producers. We tasted a good 200 wines for the BEST OF. As always, we present the best here and in PDF format. Links to all the wines tasted can be found at the end of the list, sorted by vintage.

We tasted a good 200 wines for the BEST OF. As always, we present the best here and as PDF here. Links to all the wines tasted can be found at the end of the list, sorted by vintage.

2016 Annata

  • 88WP Ottomani
  • 88WP Rocca di Montgrossi
  • 88WP Nozzole
  • 88WP "Berardenga", Fèlsina
  • 87WP Arceno
  • 87WP Riecine
  • 87WP "Terre di Prenzano", Villa Vignamaggio
  • 87WP Poggiopiano
  • 87WP Cinciano
  • 87WP Fonterutoli
  • 87WP Casa Emma

2015 Annata

  • 90WP "Vignalparco", Casa Emma
  • 88WP "50", Viticcio
  • 88WP Casa Emma
  • 88WP Le Corti
  • 88WP Querciabella
  • 88WP "Castelgreve", Castelli del Grevepesa
  • 88WP "Clemente VII", Castelli del Grevepesa
  • 88WP "Storia di Famiglia", Cecchi
  • 88WP "Granaio", Melini
  • 88WP Poggio al Sole
  • 88WP "Belvedere Campóli", Conte Guicciardini
  • 88WP "Agostino Petri", Vicchiomaggio
  • 88HP Quercia al Poggio
  • 87WP Borgo Scopeto
  • 87WP "Squarcielupi", La Castellina
  • 87WP Borgo la Stella
  • 87WP Castello D'Albola
  • 87WP Le Fonti
  • 87WP Vignavecchia
  • 87WP Fattoria di Petroio
  • 87WP "Montaperto", Carpineta Fontalpino
  • 87WP "Terrazze", Castagnoli
  • 87WP "Dannata", Casarossa
  • 87WP Casina di Cornia
  • 87WP "RS", Badia a Coltibuono
  • 87WP Rietine
  • 87HP Vallepicciola
  • 87WP Vecchie Terre di Montefili
  • 87WP "Ville Cerna Primocolle", Cecchi
  • 87WP Meraviglie
  • 87WP Castello in Radda
  • 87WP "Dofana", Fattoria Carpineta Fontalpino

2015 Riserva

  • 91WP Castello di Querceto
  • 91WP "Ser Lapo", Fonterutoli
  • 91WP "Cortevecchia", Le Corti
  • 90WP "Berardenga", Felsina
  • 90WP "Rancia", Felsina
  • 89HP Borgo di Sugame
  • 89HP "Aldero", San Martino
  • 89HP Casa Emma
  • 88WP Il Molino di Grace
  • 88WP Spadaio e Piecorto
  • 88WP "Agostino Petri", Vicchiomaggio
  • 87+WP Cinciano
  • 87WP Pieve di Campoli
  • 87WP Vallepicciola
  • 87WP Casavecchia alla Piazza
  • 87WP "Strada al Sasso", Arceno

2015 Gran Selezione

  • 92WP "Il Picchio", Castello di Querceto
  • 92WP "Don Tommaso", Le Corti
  • 91WP "Castello Fonterutoli", Fonterutoli
  • 90WP "Valore di Famiglia", Cecchi
  • 89WP "Riserva di Fizzano", Rocca delle Macie

2014 Annata

  • 87WP Villa Carna
  • 87WP "Il Palei", Villa a Sesta
  • 87WP "Maria Gioconda", Torcibrencoli

2014 Riserva

  • 90WP Capannelle
  • 89WP Le Fonti
  • 89WP "Gherardino", Villa Vignamaggio
  • 89WP "Croce", Terrabianca
  • 88WP Petroio
  • 88WP "Bugialla", Poggerino
  • 88WP "Riserva di Famaiglia", Cecchi
  • 88HP Castello di Rassa
  • 87WP Borgo la Stella
  • 87HP Vignavecchia
  • 87WP Villa a Sesta

2014 Gran Selezione

  • 91WP "La Prima", Vicchiomaggio
  • 91WP "Sorleone", Villa aSesta
  • 90WP Cinciano
  • 90WP "Sergio Zingarelli", Rocca delle Macie
  • 90WP "Casasilia", Poggio al Sole
  • 90WP "Riserva Casale Oro", Ruffino

2013 Annata

2013 Riserva

  • 91WP Viticcio
  • 90WP "Vigna Misciano", Borgo Scopeto
  • 90WP "Vigna la Casina", Casina di Cornia
  • 90WP Montecchio
  • 89HP Rignana
  • 89WP "Maria Gioconda", Torcibrencoli
  • 88HP Vecchie Terre di Montefili
  • 88HP Villa Mangiacane
  • 88WP "Vigna di Fontalle", Machiavelli
  • 88WP Carobbio
  • 88WP Canonicaa Cerreto
  • 88WP "Castello di Bibbione", Castelli del Grevepesa
  • 88WP Carpineto
  • 88WP "Vigneti La Selvanella", Melini
  • 87WP "Le Bndite", Lornano
  • 87WP "Montegiacchi", Geografico
  • 87WP "Castelgreve", Castelli di Grevepesa
  • 87WP "Clemente VII", Castelli di Grevepesa
  • 87WP "Cultus Boni", Badia a Coltibuono

2013 Gran Selezione

  • 92WP "Prunaio", Viticchio
  • 91WP "Vigneto San Marcellino", Roccha di Montegrossi
  • 90WP ""Panzano", Castelli di Grevepesa
  • 90WP Capannelle
  • 89WP "Villa di Rignana", Rignana
  • 89WP "6.38", Piccini
  • 88WP Castello di Radda
  • 88WP "Bellezza", Castello di Gabbiano
  • 87WP "Cellole", San Fabiano Calcinaia
  • 87WP "Gaudio", Carus Vini
  • 87WP "Monna Lisa", Villa Vignamaggio

2012 Riserva

2012 Gran Selezione

  • 91WP "Il Margone", Il Molino di Grace
  • 90WP "Castello di Bibbione", Castelli di Grevepesa
  • 90WP "Lamole", Castelli di Grevepesa
  • 89WP "Clemente VII", Castelli di Grevepesa
  • 89WP "Squarcialupi", La Castellina
  • 88WP "Le Bocce", Stefano Farina
  • 88WP Lornano

Older vintages

Links to all the wines tasted:

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