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Since this series has existed for several years now, almost everything has been said about the individual regions, and many things have probably already been said several times. In the following, we will therefore focus more on the producers, their development and their wine style. Only producers who have presented wines in the last few months will be considered, so please forgive us if many well-known names are still missing. We will introduce other producers as well as we were able to taste their current wines.


It is always amazing how good Viennese wines are, even from lesser-known producers. The famous Heurigen culture and the rather problem-free sales associated with it do not seem to have a negative effect at all on the quality of the wines, as they certainly do elsewhere when a large part of the production is served to tourists. The wines produced in the city are in most cases extremely drinkable, but this is not because they are superficial, superficially fruity, sweetish or banal. Quite the opposite. Like hardly any other wine region, Vienna manages the balancing act between early accessibility and character, uncomplicated drinking pleasure and finesse; even the basic wines often have class here. With the still young Wiener Gemischter Satz DAC, whose best representatives can be among the most remarkable white wines in the country, the area also has a valuable unique selling point.