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The question occupies me: when does wine consumption become an experience? Does it need an exceptional wine? A particularly good vintage? A bottle as expensive as possible? A famous wine region? The same question posed a little differently: Can't any wine ultimately become an experience? Admittedly, a bold idea that will cause wine lovers and connoisseurs to shake their heads and not understand. At least a wine must not have any faults, they say. But: where do "wine faults" begin and where do they end?

Tasting round: Pape Clément-Vertikale. Which is the best vintage?

Does it really take a lot of experience and especially trained senses to recognize the fine nuances and qualities of a wine, or is the experience simply in the knowledge of the quality or even the "famous first time"? So the question is not so easy to answer after all, and therefore perhaps not quite as silly as it may seem at first glance. Before I develop these almost philosophical thoughts further and drift off into theory, I will simply tell you about an experience that was probably only an experience for me. The trigger: an "old" bottle of Burgundy, vintage 1983, Mercurey - "Clos des Barraults" by Michel Juillot.