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Decanters are often beautifully designed, but not infrequently rather awkward to use in everyday life. The "Wine Breather" from Denmark looks elegant - and also promises an additional practical benefit. Can it convince our tester?

In its smaller version with a bulbous body and long, wide neck, the "Wine Breather" resembles a laboratory vessel at first glance. This is obviously intentional: The function is in the foreground. At the latest at second glance, however, the beautiful, mouth-blown glass catches the eye. With its combination of smoked glass and copper stopper, the decanter, which costs between 80 and 110 euros depending on the model, fits into any hip household. For traditionalists and nerds who can't bear to pour a wine into a smoked glass vessel, there are also clear glass versions.

The small version we tested has a diameter of 16 centimetres and is 22 centimetres high. There is also a slight depression in the base. If you have at least medium-sized hands, the decanter is very handy. When filled, it can be held securely with one hand. This makes it appealing from the first time you touch it. In addition, the vessel is light, but the glass is not too thin. So you don't have to constantly think that the good piece might be too delicate for the wine round.