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When the estate was divided, Walter Massa did not receive the valuable part of the farm, the fruit trees and the cattle, but the vineyards. If it had been the other way around, the Timorasso would probably have disappeared into oblivion. Walter Massa not only knows how to make wine out of grapes, but also how to make exciting stories out of simple facts. The vintner with a talent as a solo entertainer is the father of the Timorasso, his Biondi Santi, so to speak. In a restless four-hour show, he dictates the story of the Timorasso into the recorder with an inexhaustible repertoire of gestures in the vineyard, the hard-sprung Landrover, the wine cellar and during lunch, constantly waving both hands. Questions on our part are actually superfluous, they serve more as a polite way of showing that we are paying attention or to give him the opportunity to shove a forkful of pasta into his mouth.