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Saturday, January 2

SWR, 7.35 a.m

The East Coast of the USA

Delaware is known as a tax haven, but excellent wines also grow on its coast. Peggy Raley started with just a few vines and had yet to get wine growing legalized in the Puritan state. Today, her farm is known throughout the East Coast.

Saturday, January 2

arte, 8.05 a.m

GEO Reportage
Crémant, the fine Alsatian to the celebration

Crémant is on the rise. Like champagne, this sparkling wine is also produced according to the "champagne process". The traditional bottle fermentation produces sometimes spectacular drops, and as "Crémant brut" they are definitely comparable to a real champagne. One of the most exciting French sparkling wines today is the Alsatian Crémant, because the region near the Rhine on the border with Germany has particularly diverse soils. The "360° Geo Reportage" traces the Crémant in different Alsatian wine-growing regions.