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The Diois stretches south-east of Valence, a little away from the Rhône, over a total of about 1,400 hectares on the southern foothills of the Vercors National Park, a pre-Alpine mountain range, along the Drôme. Already in Roman times, a famous, slightly sparkling, naturally sweet wine made from Muscat and Clairette was produced here, as it still dominates wine production in the area today as Clairette de Die.

Clairette de Die is produced according to the Méthode ancestrale. The must, which ferments slowly at very low temperatures, is bottled during fermentation. The wines generally retain a residual sugar content of around 50 grams per litre; dosage is strictly prohibited. Ideally, this produces a juicy, moderately sparkling, relatively aromatic, sweet sparkling wine that is best enjoyed young and fresh. There are also dry Brut versions, but they are extremely rare. The rare Cremant de Die, which in contrast to the Clairette de Die must actually consist predominantly of the Clairette variety, while the Muscat predominates by far in the latter, is always made dry.