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Lemberger is becoming increasingly important in Germany as the second identity-forming red wine variety in Germany alongside Pinot Noir. This is astonishing in view of the fact that the vast majority of all Lembergers in the country come from a single growing region: Württemberg

And maybe not again. Because the variety has succeeded in doing what many other reds in Germany still lack: developing its own profile. Good Lemberger is not just another red wine from Germany that could come from anywhere - or, in the worse case, that many wine lovers would immediately put in Germany because of its banality. And at least all the wines we were able to taste recently are good!

But even outside Württemberg, some producers have discovered their heart for the variety named here mostly after the Austrian model Blaufränkisch, and with convincing results. Unlike the booming Sauvignon Blanc, for example, which is all too often used to produce the same faceless, run-of-the-mill wines as usual, only with a different name, it seems that beyond its ancestral homeland, it is mainly vintners who are dealing with Lemberger/Blaufränkisch and who have the ambition to press a special wine from it. Sometimes it has its advantages not to be fashionable.