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Cornelius: No ten horses can get me in there! If anyone sees us...

Fabian: Don't make such a fuss. In the service of your readers, you have to be willing to make sacrifices. If you don't want to, I'll do the job single-handedly, you sissy!

20 minutes later. Fabian returns with a box full of wine bottles.

Fabian: 24.82 for eight bottles of wine including bubbly. That's value for money!

Cornelius: Are you sure nobody saw you?

Fabian: You don't know who was in there: Johann Lafer and Heinz Winkler! They were fighting for the last package of mozzarella. Lafer won, of course.

Home, it's 3:30.

Cornelius: Do you really want to taste the wines? (shaking your head) Do you lower yourself to this level?