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In mid-June 2021, the German Raiffeisen Association (DRV) declared its withdrawal from the German Winegrowers' Association (DWV). In an interview with Kristine Bäder, Dr. Annette Fiss, wine industry officer at the DRV, explains the reasons for the separation, her position on the Romansh designation law as well as on Großlage - and why the withdrawal does not mean the end of the world for her.

The DRV's chief executive, Dr. Henning Ehlers, writes on her homepage: "In the orientation of DWV, the cooperative positions have recently played almost no role". What positions are these?

Fiss: To put it metaphorically: We have drifted apart. A development that is quite similar to the course of an interpersonal relationship. At some point you realise that it no longer makes sense to live together under one roof. Individual reasons for this are difficult to pinpoint. It has been a longer process that ultimately led to separation or, in the case of the cooperative group, to leaving the German Winegrowers' Association.