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Actually, I'm busy learning to better understand a piece of "world history" in the novel "Der Turm" by Uwe Tellkamp, almost a thousand pages long: the "downfall" of the GDR. But then a friend thrust a small, black booklet - just over two hundred pages - into my hand: "Bitterer Abgang in Maienfeld" by Markus Matzner. A crime novel. The author is not a man of letters, his language is simple, direct, straightforward, journalistic. Markus Matzner is a professional - a journalist - as a young reporter he was once in my team on television. He knows the profession of journalists; but he also knows the world of wine. A few years ago, he wrote a wine book: "Zapfen ab". Now he is trying it with a crime novel, which is set in a famous Swiss "wine village".