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Breeding number Fr. 177.68. This is the correct designation for a grape variety that is called "Johanniter" in Germany, but is not allowed to be called that in Switzerland without further ado! At least not on the label. The court decided this after a long legal dispute, after a vintner from the "Three Lakes Region" filed a lawsuit because he had the word-picture trademark "Johanniter" for his Gutedel wines protected as early as 1949 and later renewed this trademark protection.

The "real" Johanniter grows in Twann on Lake Biel: a wine made from the Chasselas grape variety

So for the time being, "Johanniter" is a wine from Twann, an idyllic winegrowing village on Lake Biel. And by the way, "Johanniter" is also a grape variety that was bred in 1968 at the State Viticultural Institute in Fribourg, a cross between Riesling and Seyve Villard.