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It is not easy to find the simple, the ordinary, the everyday, and to be happy when we have found it. We have long since banished it from our lives, we look for the extraordinary, the unique, the special and do not notice that the special has meanwhile also become everyday, at least ordinary. This life experience - no matter how precocious it may seem - also applies to the search for the best, the most extraordinary wines. I am sitting on the terrace of a castle, which has long since become a museum, in glorious autumn weather. In front of me is a glass of wine, further down is a small castle vineyard that has been replanted in recent years. Not a yield garden, but rather a reminiscence of the times when wine came to the area. But everything is dominated by an open landscape in which villages and hamlets nestle close together and wooded hills border the horizon. Above them the blue sky, lightly dipped in mist. Again, "drinking wine in beautiful places" comes to mind, and I spontaneously add: "drinking good wine in beautiful places".